“Would you be interested in meeting me?”

I do get asked this occasionally and I’ll be honest: Maybe. But I only meet certain people a specific way and only through my personal forum ask me for details via a message from your account on any EyeCandy4us forum, Sexywifesforum.

As ‘A Shared Wife’,  I can and will meet with select discreet gentleman who travel to me, of course, rather selectively.  Online I post on certain forums see below for more details... Of course,  in general I prefer to be discreet to keep my identity private so if you do ever run into me, you won’t know that it’s me.

Anyway, I do enjoy sharing various aspects of me and my life so depending on what you’re after, take your pick!

NSFW Photos of MeSexyWivesForum is my favorite hang-out. I post regularly there, although it's usually one on one privately with registered users (PG - R rated content) and verified members (certain X-rated content) I love sharing sexy shots of me with admirers but also I love cock pics and tribute pics. I will randomly post on EyeCandy4usForum (bella) but because it is fairly new I am more active on the sexywivesforum.

XXX  Photos of Me – I’m a very sharing type but also highly private. I love sharing content of me in the nude and by requests but most are exclusive to My Personal Forum and more here: About My Forum. My rationale is that I’d rather restrict certain content to a limited group of people. If you would like to view my archived collection I will be happy to provide a link, to anyone, upon request on how you can do that.

Photos By Request – Want to see me smear peanut butter all over my breasts? Ask me via My Personal Forum. I otherwise do not respond to ‘send nudes’. You get what I give 😜 via emails. However I do like to post requested pics on the EyeCandy4us Forum and SexyWivesForum so join one and request some of by adding a new thread and use my name somewhere in the title of a thread.

Hotwife Inspiration – I post a few lingerie and PG stuff to ecandy. Another way to get a glimpse of me.

Hand-picked Porn – I reblog sexy posts via  ecandy pix. Most posts are NSFW.

Fun Chat – I am always open to having a quick chat on our live chat. I’m a fun, friendly woman so feel free to say hi, however I am often busy with life so my chats may be brief. I will also cut short any attempts to ‘cyber‘ or sexting on the live chat ... See Sexy Chat below. I do welcome questions in earnest about Hotwifing but a lot of things are covered here.

Sexy Chat – I’m time poor so I very rarely engage in sexting or ‘cyber’ other than with my real wonderful patrons and play friends. I do share occasionally on the free forums where I might tell you what I’d like to do with your very hard penis.

Hotwifing Info and Advice – People with genuine questions will get a reply, although it may take some time (again, time poor).

More about my personal forum and joining...