Bella EC

I am an average housewife who enjoys sharing my 'naughty' side with others by posting pictures and content on my forum. Scroll down for  more information.

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About Bella's Forum

Let’s start with a little background. Grumpy, years ago, introduced me to some wife lovers type of web sites, forums and even some 'swingers' sites. I was intrigued so  we started taking a few pics here and there.

It became something that really turned us both on!  We started to post online at select wife lovers forums,  boards and of course the old yahoo.  I loved the comments, what an ego boost!  I’ve had LOTS of fun with it and thought I’d branch out here, where there are less restrictions and more intimacy.

Supporting me on My EyeCandy4us Forum shows me your appreciation of me and for me. Which gives you the opportunity to view content that is not available (by me) anywhere else and helps me to add more features, content and personal interaction with you on my forum!

I am not a professional model, photographer or escort, just a housewife with a fun hobby. Thank you so much for joining me and helping support this fun and favorite pastime!

After you sign up you will receive a welcome email directly from me - so be sure to check your email address is correct!

I've been told I'm awesome - wanna get to know me better?

"I always did like sex, I was always faithful, but after he arranged the first guy to come over and I got over the guilt, I just got into it more and more.  I was so nervous…..and excited!  His cock was so much different than my husbands..."


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