About my Forum

The idea was originally a way for me to get my 'fix' for viewing, sharing and posting sexy images... I am not a professional photographer but I have a passion for pictures of sexy wives, milfs, smilfs, hot wives, erotic stories and taking pictures. 

Some I post on other wife posting forums and some I post here exclusively.

My Forum has 2 Levels of Membership (Patrons) 1.) Registered User and 2.) Member, each with advantages and disadvantages, there is more info on my forum.

I post mostly nude yet discreet pictures,  of my wife in various outfits, situations, casual encounters (some explicit) ...and pictures of other women, some of these pictures are contributed to me for posting by patrons but most I have had the pleasure to photograph over the past 15ish years.

Pictures of my wife are mostly 'archived' images of her, as she has her own forum for her current images. I do, on occasion, when the opportunity arises, photograph others and also I accept submitted series of pics. These pictures are and will continue to be available to my patrons too.

All images are in 'sets' or 'series' for each 'level' of 'patron'... more info on each post.

Remember to Follow the rules!

We're awesome - get to know us better!