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Hi guys - Welcome to my new adventure!! EyeCandy4us Forums is a Platform that allows you to pledge your support, in return you get rewards like erotic nude photos and more of ME!

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Let’s start with a little background. Grumpy and I started taking a few pics here and there. Once upon a time I used to send ‘selfies’ to him too.  He asked me if I minded if he posts some of them to Wife Lovers, not really knowing what Wife lovers was I said sure. I’ve had LOTS of fun with it and thought I’d branch out here where there are less restrictions and more intimacy.

Supporting me on My EyeCandy4us Forum gives you the opportunity to get access to content that is not available anywhere else! Besides enjoying all the sexy pictures I have to offer, you will also get a chance to see more detailed erotic ones and more!!

I am not a professional model or photographer, just a girl with a hobby and an artistic sensual side. Thank you so much for joining me and helping support my favorite pastime! Your support helps feed my addiction to all things ink and lingerie!

After you sign up you will receive a welcome email directly from me - so be sure to check your email address is correct!

I look forward to seeing where this goes!

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If you like what I do! This will help keep me posting here .

We're awesome - get to know us better!

You can find the old site here same layout new style and pictures - updates regularly.

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Sexy Vixen Ricki's butt shot in a thong


Sexy Ricki showing off some body art


Sexy Vixen Ricki's showing more skin mirror selfie


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