Bella EC

I am an average housewife who enjoys sharing my 'naughty' side with others by posting pictures and content on my forum.  Below is more info, some of which is dedicated to the questions we get asked frequently.  … and I mean FREQUENTLY.  Scroll down to read more.

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Bella's FAQs

Do you have KIK or Snapchat?

NOPE! Just this Forum.

Will you sow your face?

Nope! Never on this or any site

Do you sell the wife’s used panties?

If you are into it, I am up for it, I am about fun and pleasure. I don't judge anyone or anything... so Yup! and in some cases a member may 'take them off' of me (if you would like that) .... More Details are available through my forum so join today!

  •  We only ship within the U.S (if you’re outside the US message us and we’ll chat about how much shipping costs)
  •  We only accept donations as form of 'payment'.

Why does ~ The hubby ~ take the pictures?

First of all, candid pictures has been a hobby of his and has been for awhile, so yes he does have more than just of me in his collection.


Because it turns us both on :wink:

Hubby do you share her?

I share all of these pictures with my members.  Don’t be greedy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and YES, we do dabble with wife sharing, selectively.

Will we ever see the hubby in photos?

Nope, sorry. For now hubby is really enjoying showing off how beautiful and sexy his wife is. This is what he likes.

Where do you guys live?

We live ND USA

How tall is she?

She is 5'4

How old  is ~ Bella ~?

I am of legal age :wink:

Edited: I’m in my early 40’s.  So I’m not old, but I’m not young - I’m just right :wink:

Do you meet who and when you want? or just who and when hubby wants you to?

I will meet whenever I want to, with whomever I think is worthy - I usually have to be in the mood.

He’s not my Dom, he’s my husband. I rarely do anything when I’m ‘told’ to do it. 😉

What sexual orientation are you?

Well I consider myself heterosexual but then I see these pictures on other blogs and forums…

For example I’ll see a picture of a girls nice tight round ass and I think to myself “I wanna squeeze it” or I see a gif of a girl sitting on a guys lap and he’s not sucking her boobs and I’m thinking “put those in your mouth! I would!!”

So maybe I’m a heterosexual classy woman who appreciates the beauty of a sexy lady.

How did your husband convince you to do this Forum?

Who said he had to convince me?!

Where does the wife get her lingerie?

I wish I could say my lingerie was from LaPerla or Agent Provocateur, but the quantity of lingerie I want and my limited budget doesn’t permit that so…

I get my lingerie from all different places, even from my members.  I like Victoria Secret,  Target, TJ Maxx… . basically wherever I find something I like! 

Is your wife smooth?

You have to see for yourself by becoming a Tier 2 patron or by requesting it through a private thread on the forum, once you have pledged of course.

How often does the wife gets eaten out? Does she like that gorgeous ass of hers eaten?

I get eaten out every time I ask and/or he wants. Don’t all wives enjoy a little of both!!

I notice that some of your pictures are re-posts of pics you have submitted to other sites. What makes you choose those sites to submit to if I may ask?

You may ask :wink:

When we first started out my hubby submitted pictures all over the place which 'turned' him on.  We still have a few ‘original’ forums that have been great from the beginning  - so there is a sense of loyalty and we still post pics at some!

I’m going to be honest and tell you that I usually don’t submit to people who simply ask for it - unless I REALLY like them.  I know it’s an adult forum and it’s porn and I’m usually naked, but I AM trying to keep it sexy or what I consider sexy and a little classy - so I’m kind of particular in who I send them to.  :wink:

What Inspired your forum?

Once upon a time I used to send ‘selfies’ to hubby while he was away at work or play.   He asked me if I minded if he posted some of them to a website.  Not really knowing what the website was I said sure. At first I was okay with him sharing, but didn’t want to be involved in the internet because I was afraid there would be a lot of negative things I wouldn’t want to read.  My self confidence has evolved and grown over the years, but I still don’t take criticism very well

BUT thankfully all of you have been really kind (there have been a few rude and obnoxious ones, but not nearly as much as the kind complimentary ones.) Anyway, I started getting involved with the those forums and reading what was being said and I thought it was fun interacting with everyone.

Our forums serve different purposes for both of us.  He enjoys ‘showing me off’ and I enjoy interacting with everyone and posting exclusive pictures of little ole me,  that turns me on! I think our relationship has benefited GREATLY as a result of this. We’ve tried new things, use this site as a way of expressing what we like/need sexually, and we relentlessly tease each other over what’s to come. :wink:

A side of this that he loves is that our ‘catalog’ of pictures is so easily accessible to him.  He’s told me many times that when he’s away from home he just scrolls through the site looking at my pictures - there’s no way all of those would fit on his phone, so this is a way for him to access them all!

We came up with this idea a little over a year ago.  I’m not sure how long we’ll do it, but for now we both enjoy it for what it is. 

We're awesome - get to know us better!

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