Married and looking to do naughty things...

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Married and looking to do naughty things. NSFW Explicit material Must be at least 18, 21 in some areas (you are responsible to know or check your local laws) to be here, if your not please leave!!

This is a fun way to express myself. What I like. What I want to try. What makes me wet. Feel free to msg me. I hope you enjoy this site. Please don’t ask to meet unless you are invited by me. Thank you.

Msgs welcomed ask me anything!

About my forum

Free area access for viewing limited PG-R rated content. Very limited and you are viewing this page on a free access section. In order to view 'adult' content you must 'verify' you are an adult over the age of 18.

Member Level 1 access:
Request and view more content, R rated content acceptable. (I consider full blown spread eagle to be above an R rating)

Member level 2 access: 
View X rated and other candid content by requesting it.


I am working with 'credits' on the forum. Credits can be purchased and used for among other things, special requests and gift items. It omits the need to process several transactions by allowing you to make one purchase and use over time.

Also as a bonus I am offering a free level one user account to my forum for anyone who 'donates' $50 or more to the SexyWivesForum which adds a membership level 2 on the SexyWivesForum. This is a limited offer and will not always be available.

ALSO: Thank you to my 'fans' (although a limited few) you guys make this more fun and more exciting as you request pics and poses, among other Thank you thank you thank you!

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