New Site - We had to build on a new server

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Just a quick note:

We lost a lot content due to copyright notices being sent to the host provider instead of being sent to us to resolve the issue! We will not allow 'cry babies' and or 'fee charging lawyers' to have access to our data feed driven content without registering with a two part registration!!!... We have been rebuilding for a while and we are currently working on more details. Please stay tuned...

Those of you who enjoyed our site, like me, I invite you to join this board in order to get access the Celebs Main site and it's content to enjoy whats there as I do. I am sorry for any inconvenience of this new system however it is the only way we can allow access to content.

I will be posting and updating (often) the forum site rules and terms soon, Until then the Nude Celeb site is not open to the public or registered users... but it will be very soon.

update: we now can allow access to the celebs site for registered users and members of this forum, follow the steps below:

  •  Create a free account on this forum
  •  Start or add a thread requesting access to the main Celebs Site.
  •  Before posting the thread make sure to place it in the request category, make sure to select the 'who can see option' to 'Creator and Me' and add the thread.  I will respond to all requests within a reasonable amount of time.

We are continuing to work on the fine details and want to thank all of you legit viewers who enjoy our content as much as I do!