About Donating

Purely because we want to protect our identity online (and yours), We use  donations, so besides the obvious, your private information is not stored on our site(s) server(s) or database!

How it Works Why?

Donate - Pledge Support

EyeCandy4us and it's forums are privately owned and operated, unlike most free websites, free apps, we do not 'profit' in anyway by having free, discreet registration. 

By *donating you are pledging financial support (for these sites to exist)  to an EyeCandy4us Forum's main content creator (moderator) you then become a patron (forum registered user level on private forums and a member level on the main forum).

Every patron gets a reward(s) for their pledge set by the forums creator, different levels or tiers are available and let me say this again set by the forums creator (moderator).

This is an adult only board and all creators indicate the available rewards on their profile by the badges they use and/or on the content thread pages.


Why *donations?

Besides it is simple and because it proves your are a consenting adult, keyword here is adult as our content is not for anyone under the age of 18 and in some places the age of 21.

  1. Because of the nature of our content we do have to have a 'membership area' .
  2. We do not collect any personal information or store any sensitive info on our servers... You are using an outside service to 'check out' when pledging and that service is reputable.
  3. As we are not a 'for profit' site, we do have costs as with anything, so donations help us all.
  4. By having a 'free will' offering shows us you WANT to use this site and access the forum(s).

Also it enhances personal safety, take for example: Members and moderators who are, at times, looking selectively, for someone to meet with in real life.  By becoming a patron supporter you will have provided the appropriate information on 'check out' . Simple but effective.

For other things too like: one of our mods put it this way:

'If someone wants to hook up with my wife they could at least wine and dine her a little first.'

When talking about requested content a forum creator said:

"If someone wants me to pose 'with' them, 'for' them and/or in something 'special' maybe they could provide support which shows me they are 'into' ME!"

The List could go on and on. Donations really allow many things to come about. So what are you waiting for? Donate to sponsor a creator's forum and have access to certain content and have some fun!

*Some Donations have to be accepted by an admin or the creator (forum moderator) before you can gain access to the 'rewards' area of the forum(s) and do not guarantee 'hook ups'. You get access to more candid content and if someone is interested in 'hook-ups' by donating you show willingness and your appreciation for consideration.


We're awesome - get to know us better!

Bella EC

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Bella and her husband have been posting images on other sharing boards, we are pleased they now calls EyeCandy4us Home.

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Ricki Rox

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A Frisky little vixen Ricki does ROCK! We are happy to have her as part of the EyeCandy4us Moderators!

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