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Returning home

Stuff 43

Look at my eyes. Look deeply. Do you see guilt in them. I have just confessed guiltily to my husband. Not because of what I have done, but because of what I haven’t done. I didn’t text him when I said I would, I didn’t use condoms and I didn’t care. I didn’t think about him at all, I just got thoroughly fucked and I loved every second of it. But then I returned home.

The drive home was mixed. Elation at being fucked so thoroughly. Excitement that this man had such a thick cock, he reaalllly stretched my pussy, it was perfect, he was perfect. A growing sense as I drive that I just want to turn back and do it all again, cum over and over again on his thrusting cock.

But as the miles reach out from my lover’s bed to my marital bed, the golden glow of orgasmic pleasure wanes and the cost of what I have done starts to creep into my thoughts. I said I would text during the night but I didn’t, only when I arrived at the hotel, and just before I left this morning. He wanted the high of seeing or hearing me fuck, but the fucking was so great that I just indulged myself and didn’t want to stop. I didn’t use condoms because this guy’s cock was so thick and veiny. I love thick cocks, I want cocks that are much thicker than my husband’s and even better if the veins give the thickness real contours and texture as they fuck me. This guy’s cock was perfect for me and I didn’t want to spoilt that effect with condoms, so I didn’t use any.

He came in me lots. He was a very heavy cummer, which I prefer and came in me five times over the course of the night and early morning. I am very multi-orgasmic so we completely ruined the sheets, and most surfaces in the room! He was in me very deep and filled me with cum so many times, it was just perfect.

But then the long journey home has brought regret and contrition. I should have phoned or texted, it is all he asks me to do to make sure that he is included if I want to be fucked alone. I should have used condoms, safe sex is important and I don’t use any other protection so could easily get pregnant from such a heavy cummer filling me so much. I should have cared.

Wait. Maybe I should have texted or used condoms. But do I care? No. I am a hotwife, and I fuck who I want, when I want, how I want. That is the lifestyle we have agreed to and no amount of old-style guilt is going to change our new way of being married.

Hello darling, I am your hotwife, and I have been very thoroughly fucked by another man’s huge cock. I loved it so much I may have to do it again tonight. Look into my eyes. Do you see any guilt? No? That’s because I don’t feel guilty. Just thoroughly fucked. Love you x

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