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Keeping your legs as open as your mind

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My husband would do anything for me. He indulges me in every way, so that I have whatever I want, and nothing that I don’t want. His mind is completely open to meeting my needs by making whatever change in his personal philosophy of life that I require. If I decide to give up on being a Hotwife and apply to join a nunnery tomorrow, he will dedicate himself to that cause (it’s not a high risk bet to be fair).

Conversely, my mind is not at all open to him. I don’t try to meet his sexual needs, just my own. I don’t talk about fucking other men if I don’t want to, and I insist on declaring my monogamous love for him if that is the mood I am in. Last night I pushed his head between my legs and let him eat my pussy for what felt like hours, cumming all over his face. What did I offer him in return sexually or emotionally? Nothing. I came thinking about other men but I didn’t tell him that because I didn’t want to start that conversation: it was my private self indulgence. Sometimes I don’t fuck him at all and save myself for someone else’s cock and tongue.

It’s all about me, you see, all about my whims and my desires, all about my mind. If I feel free to close my mind to his desires and needs then I feel free to close my legs to his cock too. If I am open minded then I open my legs to him all the time, every day without fail. This is how we want it: all about me.

It has to be that way, because I want to open my mind to every aspect of my own sexuality. Sometimes he wants to share me soooo much. Other times not at all. If I followed his whims or his urges I would be far too vulnerable, far too confused. Natural self preservation would make me close my mind to uncertain possibilities in the hope of a predictable lifestyle and that would mean I would close my legs to other men, just opening them for him. That is not who I am: I crave attention from other men far too much, I am sexually unpredictable.

So to keep my legs open to everyone, I need an open mind to possibilities, regardless of how he feels about the Hotwife-husband ‘drop’. I don’t want recriminations or hurt silence because he is feeling jealous on some occasion. So to be able to open my legs all the time to whomever I want, even if it hurts him, I have to be free to close them any time to him, even though it hurts him.

That way I underscore the crucial psychological dynamic that I am in complete control of my sexual experience, with or without him.

It is great psychosexual fun, a huge trip to cum powerfully, like I did last night and give him nothing in return. It’s not a ruined orgasm or even orgasm denial, it is the complete irrelevance of his orgasm, in preference of the complete preeminence of my own. To be free to close my legs I have to be free to close my mind to his needs. Which means I am free to open my mind to every possibility that  I want to open my legs to.

Message me if you think I might want to spread my legs for you…

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