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Hotwife Husbands: Promiscuous by Proxy

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I’m a Hotwife, I have sex with people other than my husband, whom I adore, with his full knowledge, acceptance and often presence. I do not have his permission, nor need I seek it, because the decision about whomsoever I will let fuck me is entirely my own. I am a promiscuous woman because I crave more male attention than one man can give me, both in terms of my sexual insatiability and because I love the ego boost of being the centre of all the male attention and lust in any room. My husband is an all-star Alpha Male, and is completely devoted to my self indulgence and needs. He puts me first in all matters and is unwavering in his monogamous love for me. I am completely unfaithful and promiscuous, he is totally faithful and monogamous. That is our form of the Hotwife lifestyle. Or is it…?

You see, there is a little flaw in my summary of the styling of our Hotwife marriage. It’s not so much what I put in as to what I left out (isn’t that always the way?). I didn’t mention my husband’s attitude to my promiscuity other than to say he is devoted to my self indulgence. Of course, this could mean that he is very laissez-faire about whatever I do, but that would not be true if being so suggests a level of disinterest or detachment from my journey. He takes a very keen interest in all my choices and is my sounding board and ‘wise protector’ for anything that I am undecided or uncertain about. I would go so far as to say he is my guru in achieving self-fulfillment, so laissez-faire he is not: he is an empowerer with strong views on how life should be lived. But my omission was not that I didn’t mention this aspect of my husband’s approach to my promiscuity. What I failed to mention was that my faithful, monogamous husband is extremely promiscuous.

“How can that be, what sort of psychosexual oxymoron is she using to mind-fuck us with today?”, I hear you ask (and not for the first time). I know you love it and jerk off to my breasts and brains, so stop pretending you can’t cope with being dazzled and just enjoy your hard-on, you know I make you cum much harder than the caption-bimbos.

My Hotwife Husband, (and I would suggest almost all Hotwife Husbands, whether Stags or Cuckolds), is Promiscuous by Proxy.

He wants to see and hear me fuck. He wants to discover evidence, by accident, that I have been or am about to fuck someone else. He wants to watch me pull off condoms, hold a man in and tell him not to pull out. He wants to choose the lingerie that someone else will later remove from my body. He wants to suffer the highs and lows of the libidinous rollercoaster of my sexual unpredictability (I would like to acknowledge your applause for that sentence and go and lie down for a while). It all seems to be about me and my enjoyment of being promiscuous, but it isn’t just that: he lives his lusts through me.

Every new cock I suck, every new head that stretches my pussy lips, every new tongue on my clit is a new sexual encounter. They are new conquests, new delights, new orgasms. I cum differently with each of them, I enjoy different aspects of their physicality, mentality and sexuality. Every sexual experience my pussy enjoys is apparently promiscuous, profound and personal.

But, and here is ‘the thing’, they are not personal: they are shared with the man who has the vanilla-esque right to expect monogamy. He keeps his wedding day promise to me (which I remember with the clarity of ‘just yesterday’) to be faithful forever, but he does not have to relinquish the thrill of many encounters with new sexual partners, it’s just that they are my new sexual partners.

What my Hotwife husband learns to do is to use me as his Promiscuous Proxy. When I fuck he feels the anticipation of a new meeting through my excitement. When I kiss he feels the Adrenalin rush of possibility through my blush and softness. When my breasts are squeezed on the dance floor he feels the hardening of arousal through my wetness.

Men are often characterized as wanting to ‘sow their seed’ far and wide, whilst women seek a life partner and soulmate. Maybe that is true for some and we certainly see many vanilla partnerships where women end up ‘turning a blind eye’ for a while to their husband’s indiscretion, just to maintain an orthodox veneer of home life, until the duplicity, jealousy, gossip or loss of self esteem becomes too much for her to bear and they divorce.

But in my experience, for many men, finding a lifelong partner is just as important as it is for the stereotypical woman, and for many Hotwives, sowing seeds (or at least being a hungry bed into which seeds may be sown) is an important lifeblood of sexual self expression just as much as it is for the stereotypical man.

So my husband, in common with many husbands of Hotwives, has discovered that he can still live the exhilaration and high of new sexual encounters, without endangering the sanctuary of his marriage, if he can manage to re-envisage and re-purpose his libido so that it is fed not through his own promiscuity but through his wife’s.

This Promiscuity by Proxy seems to me the perfection of marital unity. Thinking ‘as one’ the Hotwife couple learn to style their life together to have attributes that are simultaneously ‘single’ and ‘married’, without falling into the tropes of straying husband, child-rearing wife or ‘turning a blind eye’ that can lead some into long term trouble.

Without doubt it requires uncommon self awareness on the part of the husband and uncommon self indulgence on the part of the Hotwife. It also requires a huge amount of trust and commitment, infused with 5 star communication. Welcome to my marriage. Perhaps by describing it I have given you a philosophical framework for your own marriage and a way to understand just why you like your ‘unorthodox’ lifestyle so much.

You are a self indulgent and promiscuous Hotwife and he is your husband, Promiscuous by Proxy.

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