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Fucking by Numbers

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I have two breasts, one pussy, six men I frequently fuck, one love of my life, two girls I occasionally fuck, infinite possibilities, one cock I regret not fucking, five I wish I hadn’t let fuck me. I have lost count of the notches on my headboard (only metaphorically true really, as it is made of soft cream leather, was very expensive and I would probably kill any number of people that put a notch in it!). I fuck by numbers.

Some men fucking a Hotwife for the first time make fucking by numbers a way of life: 8 figure of eights with my tongue on her clit, followed by four licks, three nipple tweaks and a 30 second suck - that should do it, okay let’s shove my cock in! As a Hotwife I hate that kind of formulaic fucking by numbers. It feels like they fucked their last woman like this too: it is the one size of fuck fits all approach to nailing a Hotwife. Next! Now serving 32!

Some hot wives are not much better. Okay, I’m going to this bar and I WILL pick up a guy and fuck him because it has been 3 weeks since my last time, because my husband has exceeded his 3 pleading texts per day limit, because if I fuck one more guy I am in double figures for the year and that is what I said I would do before the summer. As a fellow Hotwife I hate that kind of formulaic fucking too, it is the any cock will do mentality and demeans the potential eroticism of Hotwifing to simple slutwifing.

Or maybe both have an elitist approach to numbers: I will only fuck 10 inch cocks and 9 ½ won’t do, or I will only charm 34DD or bigger and 32B won’t do.

Numbers. They are everywhere and they inform so many of our choices and decisions. To be pragmatic about it, I’m sure we can’t escape them, so in your Hotwife fucking experiences try to use them positively.

1. Increase how many times you check your husband is still happy.

2. Extend how many times you edge him as you tell him about your naughtiness, and increase the amount of time you keep him right ‘on the edge’.

3. Cum louder on your lovers’ cocks in front of him , more often and with more men.

4. Tell more girlfriends how much more you prefer your new lover to your husband and leave your phone open to be discovered more frequently.

5. Initiate flirting with other men more often and start ‘hotwifing’ conversations with your husband more frequently.

6. Go to the gym more frequently, working harder for longer and let more men appreciate your figure.

7. Talk for longer with more men and bring up the subject of promiscuity and hotwifing more regularly.

8. Understand which numbers your partner wants to increase and decrease and do that for both types of behavior.

Fuck by numbers, but not just any numbers: Hotwife numbers.

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