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My hot Wife and black guy

This is the story of my wife who has a certain kind of love for black guys. She is hot. My Wife has been talking about black guys for quite a long time now. One day I finally decided to share my wife with a black guy. The problem was to find a perfect black guy who can bang my wife with trust and no worries after the meeting. I went to the shopping mall and after a lot of time spending, luckily I got one tall black guy. He seemed perfect to fulfill my wife's hot fantasies of sex with black guys.

My Hot Wife

Within a short time I got frank with him and he seemed to be a nice guy. Then I offered him a cup of coffee and he agreed. After formal chat and a cup of coffee, I reluctantly told him our fantasy. He was in a bit of bother for a while but soon he came to the point. The guy quickly agreed to bang my hot wife. He came to our house with me and my hot wife loved to see that guy.

Wife swap

I took her to another room and asked her if she was OK with the guy I selected and she smiled in a naughty mood. And then after watching her approval, I asked them to proceed ahead. A couple of times my wife got massage from that guy.

The black guy was perfect to give a hot massage before sex. I was capturing the whole scene in my handy-cam. I was shocked to see his monster tool when my wife got it out of his pants. He was twice in length to me and width also. My wife had been banged by him in all positions.

Wife Massage stories

My hot wife

Everything happened just like the photos you see. My wife was so much pleased with his monster tool and the style of fucking.


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