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A Collecttion of hotties in pantyhose

Stuff 32

“Self Intimacy is healthy. Put your pantyhose on and masturbate for me!”

“I hope you cum back very soon like 20 minutes.”

“You are so lucky, because you don’t have to wear all these things under your clothes. All you wear is boxers. Imagine having to have to wear pantyhose, bra, control slip or control brief? The energy required is amazing. Doing body wash! “

“I need to have some quiet time. Go play dressup with your sisters.”

“Mom, they make me wear tights and their school uniform.!”

“So? It’s just playing.”

“But they laugh at my penis getting hard in their tights.”

“You love wearing tights don’t you?”

“I think so.”

“Would you like to put my shiny pantyhose on?”

“Yes!!! Please!!!”

“Yes, this is her House. There’s a cover charge, and an uncover charge.”

“Black and tights are your two favorite words.”

“Stay Baby, we’ll play!”

“It was a hard day at school. I wish some horny boy would undress me for bed.”

“I love showing her off.”

“Do they get you excited? Good!!!”

“Seriously? In that old school car? It will cost you extra bro!”

“My nylons have a thing for joysticks.”

“I hope we get some big spenders tonight.”

“I just don’t get why pantyhose is constantly on your mind.”

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