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Our forums are for those  who like to view and share sexy, nude, erotic pictures, including wife lovers, wife sharing, posting, commenting, viewing and more.

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First off we value discretion  your private information is not stored on our site(s) server(s) or database!  Unlike other 'free' sites and apps, we do not sell, track or harvest any information for profit, we run entirely on 'free will' offerings from our users and members, who, like us, are here for pure pleasure, private connections and for many other reasons including discretion!

Typically with the SexyWivesForum and/or SexyCelebsForum
When registering,  you can use any name and user name you wish, as long as your choice is not already taken by someone else.

Once you are a registered user you can then become a member to view 'explicit' content and to access other member perks. To become a member you can to contact a forum creator or admin for details.

Since our forums are new, we will be asking for input from users in order to enhance everyone's experience and fun. We are currently writing content about how things work in more detail and will post soon. In the mean time there are some FAQs and Q&As on the forums.

We will monitor the activity regularly and will enforce STRICT guidelines and rules.
The most important rule here is DISCRETION!  Please DO NOT "re-post" any images of any kind  anywhere else, you may NOT save or use images in anyway!

We want to have a safe and fun board. If you violate this rule we will know and you will be held responsible you may be banned from this site.

We're awesome - get to know us better!

Bella EC

Sexy wife Bella's Profile picture

Bella and her husband have been posting images on other sharing boards, we are pleased they now calls EyeCandy4us Home.

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Ricki Rox

Sexy Vixen Ricki's Profile Picture

A Frisky little vixen Ricki does ROCK! We are happy to have her as part of the EyeCandy4us Moderators!

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