Bella meets a trucker

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This happened a few years back about a year after we had our first born. We had been active prior and we both wanted to jump in again so to speak.

A little background: we started with interest in swinging when we had been together for a few years. I (hubby) have always had interest and use to actually buy swingers mags years back looking to get laid. But also the idea of sharing her became a HUGE turn on. Move forward a little and the late 90's and we where posting on sites like WL and using the old yahoo messenger... leading to accounts on some popular swingers sites...where we found our greatest pleasure was sharing her with other guys.

We placed an ad on CL seeking a guy for her pleasure and answered a few, but the one that she chose was a decent guy, older than us but attractive to her. He had a 'nice package' is what she said to me and my thoughts where he was respectful not pushy... I will ad the rest of the story soon. Below is a quote from the trucker.

 "I have to tell you Grumpy that seeing pics of Bella and particularly seeing pics of me and Bella, dam that really brings back the memories. Over the years I have been with around 30 women, your wife is one of the hottest women I have had the pleasure of having sex with. I exclude my wife from this. But what I really enjoyed about Bella was her body and also her attitude. She wasn't slutty but man she was really into having sex in front of you."

Some pics: I really got hard seeing her hand on his cock.

I loved taking these pics and as I was photo-shopping them I got so turned on all over again!

I will post more if there is interest...

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Tim replied
Yes please do continue.
grumpy replied

She started by sizing him up for the camera and me, I think... Or she just loved how HARD he was in her hand...

David replied
She is sexy! !! 

Keep posting! 

Can't wait to see more! 

grumpy replied
grumpy replied

After a little while of him licking her she started to CUM HARD!

The harder she came the more she squeezed her tits.

grumpy replied
The whole time I am taking pics and getting such a hard-on...
David replied
Love the pic of her hard nipples! 

Keep them coming so I can! Lol

grumpy replied

LOL thats great! I know I did... as a matter of fact I remember when she was sucking him he came a little, not that he shouldn't have, but rather she wasn't expecting it and she won't let me do that with her... That was exciting to me and still makes me smile...

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