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I will be updating this often until it is complete.

First of I am known as Grumpy, average guy, married with a family, residing in North Dakota.

Why I started this forum

For many years I have enjoyed what you might call now days as a 'hotwife lifestyle'. Both in fantasy and more.

I wanted a place to call my own to 'showcase' some of my personal and private collection of photos I have taken over the years. I know there are many others out there who enjoy the same thing as me, the internet is full of it... This is MY little place and I invite those who share my passion to join in.

When you join you can have access to more viewing rights to more candid content than allowed on an 'open to the public' forum.

When you register on this forum I do not collect any information other than the just basic needed to run this site.

I do not sell emails or anything else to advertisers, I do have to track the basic and minimal site stats however.

I chose to run this site by donation only. Why? Many reasons!  Like in order to view adult content one must be of age and 'prove' it and donations, in my opinion is a great way to verify and protect our identity online (and yours), so I use donations!

My pictures are not professional images, just real life, by a normal guy who has been lucky enough to have a partner who is open to this lifestyle.  So please be respectful!

Since we are not a corporation run website we have limits like server loads etc.. so please use smaller images when you can when adding images. All registered users can post and start threads and we hope you do..

I am just an average married guy with a passion for taking, looking at and posting pictures.

As a Creator of this forum:

I will post pictures here that are taken by me and are of legal age participants. I will not post nor have a pledge amount set for any pics that are not genuine!

Being new with this I am not sure exactly how I will be setting up this board but I am starting to get some creations ready to post soon.

How it works:

You must be a registered user to start a private thread.  To become a registered user send me a message using the 'contact' form (located at the bottom right of any page) Note: When I am online the 'contact' changes to 'Chat with us'. Other options coming soon.

Registered Users have access to view all available content and more via private requests.

Membership is a Level that opens up the ability to request and view more candid, in some cases 'explicit' content similar to private content.

I accept donations and/or pledged amounts for the viewing of,  'in private', the creation or content offered by me to any patron. If you need instructions send me a message from anyone of my threads or ask it directly on any thread of mine.

Each Thread I create will have a set pledge amount needed to access more from that series or 'photo shoot'.


Donations made on any EyeCandy4us forum(s) or websites WILL NOW process immediately rather than waiting to be 'accepted'. However DO NOTE: There are absolutely NO REFUNDS or recourse available... So please be sure you understand completely before donating... You are not buying these pictures, you are donating for viewing access only, Please refrain from 'saving' any images on this and all EyeCandy4us Forums!!

These are not professional images, just real life, by a normal guy who has been lucky enough that these lovely local ladies allowed me to take some pics... They could be someone you know, so please be respectful and DISCREET!!

I do 'photo shop' some backgrounds out and blur faces when asked to, some let me show everything and some, like my wife, will never show her face on ANY website.

There are main categories and sub categories, sub cats display when a main category page is viewed. If you get a 'no content available' page it is because you access level won't allow you the access. Upgrade if you want more access.

The Bella Category consists mostly of archive images ranging from the past 10 years to recent. Bella has her own forum where she new images thread and posts regularly. Ask me how to access her forum if you are interested in doing so.

Misc. Category is images I have taken over the years of past partners, past one night meets, other members who I have taken pics of, etc... and so one....

More soon!

*this forum is provided to me as a service by EyeCandy4us Forum's Plat-forum.