Last updated at: 01/14/2018 02:22 PM

This page is in the works and is not complete in anyway.

How it works:

Every thread is a topic or as some would say a post and mine will have information about additional content and its availability to patrons.

If you would like to donate or pledge simply do so below. Remember to pay attention to the checkout inputs and place the content or reward you are seeking in the 'comment' to seller box, for example: "more 3 sexy girls" would mean you would like a private post of the series with the title 3 Sexy Girls...

Once you have finished I will have to accept your pledge, kind of pain, but keeps things better for the platform. Once I accept I will notify you by the email used to checkout with the instructions on how to redeem your reward. I may refuse any request for any reason.

I will be adding q and a here soon.