Last updated at: 01/15/2018 12:43 PM

 All About Being a Patron

Patrons pledge money to creator's  (moderator's) for creating content. Depending on the creator's  (moderator's) preference, you will be charged either a set amount per month or per creation. EyeCandy4us Forums is not responsible for the quality, timing or legality of content or rewards.

To become a patron simply click a donate or pledge link anywhere you see one on this forum There is also a slide out pledge box on the log in page of the forum,

To use: click the plus icon to open the pledge form, click the amount you are pledging or type in the amount, depending on the reward and content you are seeking, click the PayPal button to checkout next you need to select (either credit card or PayPal) Remember to place the title name of the content you want to see more of in the 'additional comments' input box near the top of the checkout form!

Once the checkout has processed you will receive and email with details on how to redeem your reward. If your pledge or donation was not accepted you will also be notified. Every Creator has the right to refuse your pledge for any reason.

Through the EyeCandy4us Forums Plat-forum there are two types of pledges. One is a monthly subscription where you pay creator's (moderator's) per month. The other is a private content viewing where you pay creator's (moderator's) for viewing access to certain creations and or to redeem rewards. In either case the time the content or reward is available is set by the creator and is solely up to each creator!

If you support a creator (moderator) on a per month basis, then you are responsible to renew your pledge each month. Your pledge has to be accepted by the creator or an admin of the forum in order to be available to you on the forum or elsewhere depending on the creators rewards.

If you support a creator (moderator) on a per creation basis, then you are instructed on the posted thread page by the creator (moderator) any requirements and min and max pledge amounts needed to complete the request.

In certain situations you may lose access to a creator’s (moderator) patron-only content, including rewards. These include when you cancel your pledge, your payment method fails, the creator (moderator) blocks you, or the creator (moderator) deletes their forum account. Or if the creator of the content 'retires' the content.

We have no control over the quality, timing or legality of content or rewards. We do not grant refunds for failure to deliver rewards since all transactions are outside the scope of this website. All Creators are subject to verification and there is no open registration to become a creator. You can request to become a creator of your own forum and content easily by Instant messaging a creator or admin of any given forum. Even so we do attempt to screen for fraudulent creator (moderator) content, but cannot guarantee the identity of creator (moderator)s or the validity of any claims they make. We appreciate your help reporting suspicious creator (moderator) pages so we can improve EyeCandy4us Forums.

To see what any creator has offered for rewards and or content and more you can view any creators profile to see the badges they display, meaning what they offer. If needed further instructions will be located on the forum topics threads. All badges available for any creator to use as they wish can be seen here.

If you have any questions simply send a message to the forums creator and/or contact through the contact form page on the main site.