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Below is some important information about how things work with my forum, registered users, members etc... Please read and get to know the features and functions...

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What's the difference between level one and two?

Level one allows access to R-rated content, mild nudity etc. Level two allows access to more explicit nudes and sexual situations.  Nothing too 'pervy' here but real life ppl in real life pictures.

What's the difference between joining and 'buying beers'?

The real advantage is when someone is already a member,  the 'beers' option allows for more candid posts.

I like to take these pics and post them but it's even more fun, for me and patrons  when we are conversing and posting in real time. Get me 'drunk' and who knows how much I will 'share' lol.

Plus I have some 'patrons' and others who want to submit pics for me to share with my users/members and so I 'share' a percentage of 'beer' proceeds with those who submit as the  requests happen.

What's the difference between joining below and credits on the forum?

Since the site is 'adult' content we have to follow certain 'rules' one of which is the content be shown to adults only.  Joining covers it in the most discreet way we can. Check out is secure and through PayPal as a 3rd party so no personal for private information is stored on this domain or servers.

Credits below are a way for me to say thank you for joining. Since there are fees to me associated with all transactions some proceeds to process and 'verify' are needed.

Credits are how we continue to run these sites. They can be used for many things, rewards, tips, inspiration, content views, special content views and more. Even 'bids' reply on credits. The more credits you purchase at once the better the price and lowers the transactions and processing needs.

As more questions come in I will be adding to this page. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my content!

Follow the rules!

Level 2 members can bid for a photo shoot (date) with featured model(s).

You must become a verified user by purchasing any level plan.

Credits can be used on all eyecandy4us forums. Amounts are set by a forum's creator.

Level 1 purchase comes with 15 credits - Level 2 purchase comes with 50 credits  and  Extra Credits is 140 credits for $120

Once You are a Member:  Additional credits can be purchased through the forum posts for a discounted rate...

Level 1

25. 00

1 Time Fee  (Level 1)


Level 2

65. 00

 (Level 2)


Extra Credits

120. 00

140 Credits