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EyeCandy4us Forum is an private project and completely free to use for registered users via invite or a request.

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Users:  registration is by invite only. If you are interested in signing up or joining reach out to us via our support chat/contact form button on any EyeCandy4us webpage.

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Members: Membership can be obtained once you are a user by contacting any admin or creator with a request for membership access.

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‌‌‌‌‌‌ How you can Contribute

Again let me say this: EyeCandy4us Forum is an private forum yet completely free to use for registered users.

To become a registered user : This is done by invite OR when a request is sent to us via the contact box, bottom right corner on any webpage.

The amount of effort needed to maintain and develop new features for the forum is not sustainable without proper financial support. If you like our sites...

You can support our ongoing development by:

  1. Users - by adding posts and comments regularly
  2. Users - can purchase and use credits simply ask a moderator, creator or admin how and what you get in return.
  3. Membership - by becoming a paid member (with perks for different content and access, decided by the posts 'creator/member').
  4. Members - by adding special content posts for credits (all proceeds are split between the 'poster' (members/creators only) and the forum)

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  • It can get addictive

    Thanks guys for the messages, it's so fun answering naughty questions, I'm kind of addicted to it now.You can ask me some on my posts too. But the real juicy stuff should be DMs.

  • Hi There

    Thought I should add a post today cuz it's been awhile...

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  • Hello All

    Hello everyoneThanks Bella for inviting me! I hope it goes well here.

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  • Hubby Cheated on me

    My hubby cheated on me so I let a guy [censored] and cum in me then made my hubby go down on me, later on that morning, he has no clue he is licking a guys cum out my pussy, does t

  • Like Many Others

    Like many other couples, the wife and I have fantasies of bringing others into the bedroom, but not sure if we could work up the nerve to do it. So...We have been dabbling with les

  • Toys

    Which of these toys