How the forums work

The main forum in the network is the SexyWivesForum.  Creators using the Plat-Forum have their own forums each with their own content and set up similarly but may differ in how things work for their specific content.

Main Forum:

Is for all who enjoy posting and viewing wives. Be it for commenting or comments, making new connections, we designed them so all can fun, discreetly... The forum have different access levels.

Anyone (meaning the general public can view freely without login) which are considered 'guests' and can post comments on the open threads but it requires an email (not posted publicly) and the captcha needs to be filled in, lastly all guest comment have to be 'approved' by a creator or admin which usually will post sooner rather than later.

Registered User: It is totally free to register on 2 main forums, you gain access to R rated content. You can add threads, post comments without captcha and you have access to more content and content request. Send private messages to other users and members etc...  Registered users are encouraged to add pictures, comments and your own threads.

Membership: You gain access to additional 'more candid content' (X rated). Becoming a member requires a donation/contribution. We don't set a 'price' it is a free will offering but please read this page before you decide anything.

More about adding threads

Once registered you can add threads, when adding threads there are 4 viewing options (Who can see)  this default is set to registered users. Please do not post anything above an R rating to the 'everyone' setting. R rated images have to be placed in the (who can see) of 'Registered' selection.  X rated images threads can be added by any registered user, member, creator or admin BUT if you are a registered user you MUST select the who can see to the 'member' setting. The Registered user doing this will still have access to that thread, even though it is set to 'members',  however no other user will have access to the thread. Lastly there is one more setting for the who can see which is 'creators and me' and it does exactly that making it a 'private' thread.

Read more here

More about the Creator's Forums

Each private forum has a main content creator (moderator). Each creator will create and display posts of their content on the forums pages and categories.

Patrons are financial supporters of a creators forum and will have access to rewards for their pledge by way of access to more candid photos and/or more personal interaction with the creators, in more ways than one. If you donate with a Credit Card you will see the email of the creator you are donating to or in some cases our 'main' email or EC-Networks for the transaction, it will not show what you 'purchased' for discretionary purposes.

There are currently two Tiers or Levels available for content rewards and also request rewards and in some cases via person photo shoots opportunities or other various offers.

1. Patron Registered User - Level one access
2. Patron Member - Level two access.

All levels can request private content and participate in one on one posts and private messages with the forum's creator and admins.

The processing of the donation or contribution is done through PayPal. If you are pledging a certain amount for a specific reward that requires a shipping address for example you have to check the box (on check out) asking your permission to share that info with the creator.

We are currently working on the rest of this information and will post it here very soon.

In the mean time simply go to this site to get a better understanding...HERE

To become a creator go here for more info with brief instructions.

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