About us

Last updated at: 03/26/2018 04:08 PM

Welcome to our little forum!

First of we are Bella and Grumpy.

For many years we have enjoyed what you might call now days as  'hotwife lifestyle'.

Why we started this forum

Basically we wanted a place of our own to meet others who share in our interests. A place that is not corporate or big business or for profit, we do accept donations however. (please do take a look and read)

NOTE: We do not collect any information other than the basic needed to run this site.

NOTE:We do not sell emails or anything else to advertisers, we do track the basic and minimal site stats however.

Our pictures are not professional images, just real life, by a normal guy who has been lucky enough to have a partner who is open to this lifestyle.  So please be respectful!

Since we are not a corp. run site we have limits like server loads etc.. so please use smaller images when you can when adding images. All registered users can post and start threads and we hope you do..

How things work:

Anyone: Can view content posted on this forum as long as the age is over 18. Anyone can comment as a 'guest' on any thread that is open to 'everyone' with captcha, and the comment has to be reviewed.

Registered Users have access to view all available content that is R-rated and below, and for private thread requests with the site creator and admin. They can start threads and select 'who can see' the thread post. When adding pictures do not put any R-rated pictures with the 'who can see' selection to everyone. Registered users CAN use X-rated images on any thread they start as long as the 'who can see' is set to 'members' or above.  User doing this will always have viewing rights to that post or thread, but no other registered user will...

Membership is a Level Access Key that opens up some more candid content similar to private content but you can add X-rated images... Don't be rude or crude.

To be continued shortly.... in the mean time you can certainly check out this link for a little more info.