Last updated at: 03/17/2018 02:25 PM

Can a guest add a reply to a post?

  • Yes, however as a guest an admin or mod will have to approve your reply before it will appear on the post topic page

  • You also have to add an email and fill in the captcha.

Do I have to fill in my phone number when registering?

  • No, you do not. However only Admins and will have access to that info if you should fill it in.

  • Same with your full name, you do not have to use your real name if you don't want to but you do have to fill in the blanks.

Posting Image requirements

  • Image dimensions (width x height) should be bigger than 300px x 300px and lesser than 1200px x 1600px and image should not be more than 500KB in size.

How to Add a Post or Thread

Once you have clicked add thread you will get a pop up - see images below - Your pop up might have an extra input next the the title input that says 'Slug' If you do all this means is once you type a title the slug will generate on its own and the input will display what the web browser url address is for the post...

Select a category

Select an image: you can simply upload from the menu shown below or you can insert from another website using the url

Who can See

The last selection is checked by default and this does not mean you will get an email when someone replies unless you set your setting on your profile page to receive individual emails... more on that topic soon.

How to send a message:

Notice the green dot above profile icon for grumpy on the 'Latest Wives on Eyecanypix' and the envelope icon too in the image below

Click the envelope to simply send this user a message or Click the image and you get this:

Click the send message and there ya go... Also if you click the title in this same dropdown 'Grumpy Old Man' you can view the profile for this user too...

How do I read a message or view messages

Notice the envelope icon on the right side of the image below... if you have new messages this icon will show the number of new messages in a little pink circle.

You can also click the username on the right side top menu to get the dropdown like the image below.

Keep the questions coming....