Contacting other members

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How do I find their profile and their desires easily? Can I scroll thru the memebers list? Can I contact and start a chat with people logged in?

grumpy replied

If a user doesn't have a thread started, then look at any threads they have posted comments on and the user icon works the same way...

Members List: Not at this time.

The Fastest Way to Contact is by sending them a private message:

You have to be logged in to 'see' the envelope.   Once clicked fill in the blanks...

and send message.

grumpy replied

To view a profile you have a few options.

One: click the user icon on any page they appear on and you get a little profile, click the name to go to a profile.

grumpy replied

As far as member 'desires' or 'what they are into' registered users can request to have badges added to their profiles by Creator or Admin staff.

Badges are constantly added to as more 'interest' are needed. You can view current list here: Badges

Members have other options. Send me a message if you want info on how to become a member.