For those of you who are not offended by naughty stuff, sexy stuff, some nudity and adult-oriented materials. (Adults only; 18+)


Submitting Images

By Real People for Real People

Send an EMail to submit at eyecandy4us dot com

Please include the word 'submission' to the subject field and include which site eCandy or gCandy.

Attach 3 or more pictures

Write a short story or at least a decent description.

By Submitting images to eyecandy4us.com you agree to the terms & Rules below:

  1. You and all persons in pics/videos MUST be over 18 years of age.
  2. If the pic submitted is not of you (ex: your wife, girlfriend, best friend etc...) then be sure you have permission from the person first as YOU are responsible by law (not this site - USC Title 18 section 2257) for consequences of posting pics that are not yours. See digital millennium copyright act.
  3. No abusive, degrading or improper language (i.e. slut, whore etc...).
  4. No older or scanned pics ... digital only = digital camera, cam, cell but not too fuzzy.
  5. No pics of guys alone should be submitted to eCandy at this time. See the FAQ for more options.
  6. Pictures that show faces need a 'verified' pic with them for verification.
  7. *** IMPORTANT! Please be aware that by submitting your pictures to any site including this one that many 1000's of people will see them, enjoy them, download them, and probably post them elsewhere.
  8. By submitting your content, you agree to the rules above and our TERMS & 2257 INFO


Follow these rules!