For those of you who are not offended by naughty stuff, sexy stuff, some nudity and adult-oriented materials. (Adults only; 18+)

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Vacation Game

This is a game to play in vacations. You must have as much sexual pleasure as possible during your vacation. But you are never allowed to have this pleasure 100% privately. There must always must be a risk (small or high) to be caught or heard.

Try to do as much of the following dares during your vacations. Remember, you don’t have to necessary reach the orgasm during those dares, it can also be a tease for later (And some dares are maybe too risky to continue for that long).

  1. Have very noisy sex in your room, if people are around, they must clearly hear you
  2. Have sex on your balcony (blowjob, handjob ,pussy eating, full sex, masturbation…)
  3. Sex on the beach (a quiet spot far away during the day, anywhere during the night, in the ocean)
  4. Have sex in your hotel room with your door not fully closed (it doesn’t have to be wide open, but it should not be latched)
  5. Sex with all the curtains open in your room
  6. Have sex with people watching (Find a sexually open couple that would enjoy watching you)
  7. Have foreplay in a restaurant, a bar or the hotel lobby (petting under the table, dirty talking, cock/pussy touching)
  8. Have a sexual activity in the pool area
  9. Do some loud dirty talking with people around you
  10. Have some foreplay/sexual activity in the hotel corridor
  11. Reach the orgasm OUTSIDE of your hotel room
  12. Be caught having sex by the room service or the maid (Make it look accidental!)
  13. She must do anything in her power to make sure he get a boner on the beach
  14. Dirty dancing/twerking in a club. Maybe let him reach orgasm like that if you are really courageous!
  15. Find any idea or dare that will turn you on and will push your limits!