Fantasy or reality

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Always had a thing for firemen who are Fit and very manly.

This adventure starts with bringing my fire extinguisher to our local firehouse for inspection. There had been a fire in our neighborhood, nothing too serious, but I thought I should be better prepared just in case. When I got to the station, I met four firemen all very fit. Mike was the youngest and well built, Tom and Jim are in their 40’s and Rocky who still looks great in his 50’s.

They tell me in detail about my fire extinguisher and even give me a demonstration on how to properly use it in a sweeping motion. Rocky even has me try it while he stands behind me with arms around me and his hands on my hands helping me to do in properly while all the other firemen have big smiles on their faces.

 Then later that week I am out with a girlfriend for a few drinks. I look up and the some of the firemen walk into the bar. I see Mike, Tom and Rocky and they sit on the other side of the room in a booth.  

After I see them, I have trouble concentrating on what my friend is talking about, of course the two glasses of wine did not help. We finish our glasses of wine and get ready to leave. But I decide I am going to visit the fireman but do not want her to know about it. So, I say my goodbyes and tell her I have to go pee. I go to the bathroom and wait for her to leave. 

Once she is gone I go to the booth they are in. “Hi guys, what does a girl need to do to get a drink around here.”  

Rocky, the oldest is quiet, but he stares at me with his steely blue eyes and smiles.

They invite me to sit down and I sit next to Mike in the booth.

 “Do you guys remember me? I brought my fire extinguisher earlier this week.”

Mike, the young one says "With tits like yours you are hard to forget"

The other two roll their eyes. "You will have to excuse Mike; he is a fucking horny idiot.”

He is also super fit and hot. I say, "Well I can't fix the idiot part but maybe I could help with his other problems." This draws smiles from all of them.

Mike puts his hand on my leg. This teasing goes on for a while with my hand going to Mike's crotch. We chat and have another drink, this time a Vodka tonic for me. The whole time I am looking at Rocky's eyes even when Mike's hand makes its way under my shorts and touches my pussy. I pull his hand away and say, “We should go somewhere more private.” I down my drink and ask, “Where should we go?”

Mike says that he has roommates, but they would not mind having a sexy woman come over for a drink. I am thinking a messy apartment with two other horny guys. He is thinking gang bang which is not for me.

Then Rocky says, " I live alone we can go to my house for a drink and maybe more."

Tom said he needs to get home and leaves. The three of us get into Rocky's truck. He has one with a big cab and back seat which is where Mike and I sit while Rocky drives.

Mike is instantly all over me grabbing my breasts and kissing me hard. He is clumsy like a teenage boy. He puts his hand under my bra pulling up my tank-top so my one breast is visible.

"Slow down you two the night is young." Rocky says.

We don't slow down as I rub Mike's cock through his jeans. It seems very hard to me.

I don’t know how long it took to get there but we finally arrive at Rocky's place. I am naked from the waist up. I put my tank-top back on without the bra, which I carried with me.

Rocky has a small but well-kept house.

I am a little drunk and horny as hell. I have always wanted to fuck a fireman. As soon as we are inside Mike and I sit on the sofa and start to make out while Rocky makes some drinks.

By the time he brings them to us my tank-top is off and Mike is sucking on my nipples.

Rocky sits next to me and hands Mike and me a drink.

"Mike stop for a second, a toast to a lovely woman who is about to get fucked like she has never been fucked before." I take a drink and it is very strong and has a strange taste that I don’t recognize.

Mike takes a sip and then goes at it again playing with my breasts biting on my nipples. He then starts unbuttoning my shorts pulling them and my underwear off. He has me totally naked. Rocky just sat next to us sipping his drink.

Mike stood up to take his clothes off revealing his very hard young cock.

While he does Rocky pulls my head towards him and kisses me very gently.

I am laying on my back with my head on Rocky's chest as he kisses me. Mike climbs on top of me and I suddenly feel Mike's cock pushing at my very, very wet pussy.

He slides in me and right away starts to fuck me hard. Mike slams me as hard as he can while Rocky tongue kisses me and my head swims from the lust and the drinks.

Then I hear Mike say "I am going to cum in your pussy" and I feel Mike's slender cock thicken inside me and spurt his cum in me.

Although excited I was not satisfied with his one-minute performance. "These kids always in such a hurry." Rocky says.

Mike runs to the bathroom while Rocky put his hand on my pussy and began to rub Mike's cum over my pussy lips and clit. Then moving to my ass rubbing my brown button.

Then he is back at my clit teasing then rubbing harder. I am very excited.

It doesn't take me long under his skilled hand before I start to cum. He continues then he slides one finger in my ass and soon I am having another orgasm. Rocky then helps me up and brings me to his bedroom. He tears the covers off the bed and lays me on my back with my legs over the edge of the bed.

Cum has dripped down my thighs as I was walking.

Just then Mike comes back in the room.

"Mike time for you to clean up"

"I just did in the bathroom"

"No dummy time to lick her pussy clean, you used her as a cum dump now you need to clean her up"

My head was spinning as Mike began to do as he was told. Licking my pussy and clit then all the way down rimming my asshole.

As Mike was doing this Rocky got naked. When I looked up he was kneeling on the bed with his very thick cock near my face.

I am normally not into sucking cock but I wanted his.

Mike was doing a good job and I was close to cumming again as I sucked on Rocky until I could taste his precum.

"I want to fuck that big cock" I blurted out.

I told Rocky to Lay down on the bed. I climbed on top of him and lowered myself onto his thick cock taking it inch by inch in my very wet pussy.

I came almost as soon as he was all the way in me. I then continued to grind my pussy against him.

Mike continued to spread my checks and lick my ass.

This went on for a long time with many orgasms for me.

Rocky was giving me the fucking I was hoping for.

"Mike, time to bust your cherry, put you dick in her ass." Rocky commanded.

I was too into it to say no. I had done DP with dildos before but never with real cocks.

Mike was hard again and was soon pushing his cock in my ass.

It did not feel good at first. I felt hot and a little nauseated.

"Mike hold it steady give her a chance to relax." Rocky said.

It took a minute or so for me to adjust. Then Mike started moving in and out of my ass. It did not take me too long before it hit me. The hardest orgasm I have ever had. I shook from head to toe.

"Fuck my ass and pussy, fuck them hard." I screamed.

That was all Mike needed as he began to pound me hard.

I was like a rag doll cumming and whimpering and loving it.

He lasted longer this time but I soon felt his cock swell and shoot his cum into me.

When he pulled out I heard a pop noise. I could feel cum seeping out of my ass.

Then Rocky rolled me over on the bed and took me doggy style.

He took his time to enter me. First he moved in and out slowly.

"Have you ever been fucked like this before?"

“No,” I moaned

Then he picked up speed and started to pound my pussy harder and harder with his very thick cock which was getting harder and thicker.

"Your poor husband can't fuck you like this can he?"


"Your pussy belongs to me now and whoever I want to have fuck it"

" Yes just fuck me please"

He pounded harder and finally in an explosion of passion filled my pussy with his cum.

They both went to clean up while I laid in bed exhausted cum dripping out of my pussy and ass. After a while I got up and I was trying to get dressed but could not find my underwear or my bra.

"Sorry Babe. Mike gets you undies to remember the first ass fucking of his life and with tits like yours they should be free.” I was in no mood to argue.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned up as well as I could. I put on my shorts and tank top. My nipples were hard and sore from Mikes sucking, and I was sweaty.

They helped me walk to Rocky's truck and they drove me to the bar where only my car and Mike's car were left in the lot.

Then both kissed me and fingered my pussy as they did.

They told me they looked forward to seeing me again and introducing their new slut to the rest of the boys in the firehall. Saying they could show you an even better time.

I drove home slowly still feeling high from the drinks and the evening.

It was very late when I got home. Hubby was sleeping. I jumped in the shower to was off the sweat and cum. My pussy was still tingling as I washed spending time on my clit to make sure it was clean.

When I got in bed, Hubby woke up and asked if I had a good time with my girlfriend.

I told him I had a wonderful time and that I think needed to this more often.

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