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Okay so I am going to rant a little as it is time for me to 'purge'.

SO I get A TON of emails. Some nice, some not, some rude and some awesome! However it seems most who say they are a 'fan' and want to see more, learn more, have sex, etc etc... seem to lose interest as soon as I ask them to sign up and comment/post... WHY?

It seems to me that having a place online with a chance to actually post with and possibly more with a real person, real wife, real shared wife wouldn't be so hard to understand.

Why must one think 'joining' a website in order to post comments and threads MUST be malicious or bad in some way?

I think the real concern should be all the apps and other 'corporate' and 'company' owned places. All seem to want to sell or harvest for marketing purposes or worse.

Take basic email account: Who has access to it besides you? Who owns it? Who is the 'admin' or IT? Who can see your pics, text etc... besides you? Now just because they can, do they? We may never know.

Take apps: Convenient yes... but again who has access to our most private and intimate stuff? Worse yet is the 'access' must be granted to most (all) apps to your 'contacts' your 'camera' your 'text messages' and so on...

Wouldn't you rather post at and with real ppl on a privately owned domain who share the same interests as you?

I will certainly continue this in a bit. Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment or send me a direct message from this forum.

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Hey B. I wasn't aware. I know I really like your efforts and these forums have way more features than any other one I have posted on. Hat's off to you and Grumpy!
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