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Welcome to my forum landing page! My Forum is a place where select members of our EyeCandy4us community forum are invited (members, ask me how via PM) to share some of my 'private' collections, archived pics of Bella and other sexy ladies.


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  • Clean Respectful Guys & Cpls
  • Getting email and chats
  • Selecting Play Partners for Bella
  • Taking Pics, editing and Posting

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Bella in panties

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Here are some sample pics

my-wife-bella Bella meets a trucker

She went to pick him up from the truck stop....

custom-background-exclusives Ricki on her side nude

This image is one of the images used to create Ricki's 'On the Wall' series

my-wife-bella Bella riding one

Become a member to see the rest of the series


Latest Users Section

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Petite wife 3 some

general Imformation for Registered Users

Some important information for you to have

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Very cute blonde wife

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She enjoys a 'new one' once in a while

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These are a few images..


Latest Members Section

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Just a few random pics

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patron-members-area Bella in black

Have not used this yet.

patron-members-area Used this on an older forum for her

Similar to some used for Bella but...

patron-members-area One of my favorite backgrounds

that was never used...


Latest Updated Members Section

misc-pics-i-ve-taken Sexy HM 3

More from this series...

general Information for Members

Member information and Random How To's will be added here

custom-background-exclusives Different Background images I made for fun

I will be adding to this category a litte at a time

patron-members-area First Time with suction cup for Members

Set one of three with 10 images

misc-pics-i-ve-taken Pretty Little Blonde Member Preview

This is a preivew of some of the pics in the collection