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Helpful Stranger Challenge

The Helpful Stranger – When a husband and wife are at a store or public place with not many people around, find a person nearby and say something like "Excuse me sir, but could you help us settle something? My wife here thinks her breasts are too (small, big, or whatever), and I have been trying to tell her how wonderful they are just as they are. What do you think? You would really be doing us a big favor if you would give us your opinion." At this point you can let them say something, but then interrupt and tell them that they can't really see them, can they? So reach over and do whatever is needed to the shirt, dress, blouse, etc. to fully expose her breasts. Give him a moment to react and then start insisting that he hold them and feel them so he can make an informed decision. If the woman likes her man to be assertive, then rather than him exposing her breasts he can order her to expose them herself for some extra blush factor.

The goal, though, is to trick the stranger into touching (and maybe playing with) her body in the guise of being helpful. Taking pictures of this happening would kind of ruin the illusion, but it will sure make for a good story.

Even a woman who is by herself could use a similar tactic asking a guy (or girl) for his opinion and telling them that her boyfriend or husband or partner says one thing, and she thinks another about her breasts, and she needs another opinion.

Substitute any sexy body part for breasts in this example. Nipples, pubic hair, piercings, tattoos, asses / bums, and pussy lips are also good choices to get opinions about from a perfect stranger.

Complete This and submit (or post your pics on the forum) and earn 30 points for the basic and 50 points if you allow touching or if completed by female alone.  Points are credits which can be used as cash on the forum.