For those of you who are not offended by naughty stuff, sexy stuff, some nudity and adult-oriented materials. (Adults only; 18+)

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How things works on the Forums

How register for the Forum

The forum is closed registration most of the time. HOWEVER: You can sign up using our contact us/chat support box on any page of this website.

This is a free user account, no purchase necessary to become a registered user

Sign Up


  1. Your name: Use this input for your desired username.
  2. Your email: This input needs to be a real email we can send your account info to.
  3. Comment: "You would like to sign up"

Full membership, for a small fee is also available for verification needs and certain content views rewards etc...

Sections and Views

There are 4 total views available:

  1. Open to the public:
    • views at this setting are visible to all viewing levels without a login.
  2. Users and above:
    • views at this setting are visible to users, members, creators, login required.
  3. Members and above:
    • views at this setting are visible to members, creators, login required.
  4. Creators (Mods & Admin)
    • views at this setting are visible to creator's and the user/member who started the post (thread), login required.

Posts and Messages

There are two ways to interact with others:

  1. Post a new thread:
    • Click the add thread button located on the right side menu and fill in the blanks.
      1. Pick a category
      2. Add a title
      3. Add the post body
      4. Select "Who Can See view option"
      5. Click Add Thread button.
  2. Send a Private message:
    • available to members and creators.
      1. Click the message (envelope icon) on any post thread, just below the post title, or click the user icon anywhere you see it on the and it will open up an info box. users will not have the envelope options available.

Types of Accounts

There are currently two available

  1. Registered Users:
    • Free by request email, if you are emailing a creator from our forum via email or by contacting us as stated above.
  2. Members:
    • Prices with options can be viewed by clicking here
    • You should be a registered user prior to purchasing a membership.

About Registered User Accounts

User accounts are completely free, to create by us, for you.. see instructions section at the top of this page for info.

User accounts are considered a non verified 'adult' so content views must fall below an R rating. Membership is required for explicit content.

Users Can:

  1. Post a new thread:
    • Click the add thread and fill in the blanks.
  2. Respond to a Private message:
    • PMs are available to members and creators and they can start a private message with users at anytime. Messages are viewable from the user menu on the main menu of the forum.
  3. Comment on any post thread:
    • Add text, stye text, add emojis etc.
    • Upload images
    • Add images via link location (image hosting 'my pics' site as an example)
  4. Purchase Credits :
    • This feature replaces the need for adult verification as it uses the same process... Read more about in the Credits & Views Section below.
    • Available on the forum posts which display the 'get credits' button. More information credits can be found in the Credits & Rewards section of this page.

About Member Accounts

Paid accounts and are required for the adult content verification process.

In addition to this members have access to more forum features, like access to existing member posts and creator posts not set to private, existing member and creator galleries, image views via a request or special request to the forum creators and more... Custom Content like special requests may require additional credits, this will be posted if applicable.

Creators can post privately and comment in real time with members or over time depending on you and your interests. (Real time interaction requires a scheduled time.)

Membership also adds:

  1. Ability to start private messages with members/users
  2. Ability to start your own private messages with the forum creators
  3. Ability to view explicit content, at the discretion of the poster/creator of course.
  4. Ability to host your own private password protected galleries (must request this included option as this is not automatically set up for you)
  5. Ability to request custom, already created, creator content. More information is  listed on the posts when available.

Credits and Rewards

The forum uses credits which are processed through PayPal, a 3rd party secure checkout service. You can choose to use a PayPal account or use a card when at checkout for discretionary purposes.

All private information is between you and PayPal, no personal or private information is stored at, or on any part of any EyeCandy4us Server!

  1. Credit use examples:
    • Special Content Creation but not limited to:
      • Gifts
      • Toys for props and play
      • Private Photo Sets
      • Private Photo Shoots
      • Private Chats
      • Phone Conversations
  2. Some Creators offer rewards:
    • rewards are posted privately and are between the creator and the user/member.
    • How to start a request:
      1. You need a user account, which we create for you via a request see top of this page for info.
      2. You need to start a request post (thread as it's called) titled whatever you are requesting
      3. Once the post is started by you, the creator will, (in most cases depending on the request) enable privacy settings for your post.
      4. Then you and she will be able to have private conversation in real time by page reloads.

Questions can be asked by using the support chat option, bottom right side of any page of this website.