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Is She Shared?

If you can say "I'm her husband, but my wife fucks other men".  Let's see the lady we are praising by submitting her to our site or by joining our forum then answer the questions below along with at least one picture (or more if you would).

How does your wife honor you as her husband, even though other men have sex with her?

What are the parameters with sharing your wife?

Are there special physical treats preserved for her husband?

  1. Who can fuck her bareback?
  2. Who has had her ass?
  3. Does she swallow every load?
  4. Who ejaculates on her tits or face?

Does she keep an emotional distance from her lovers?

  1. Is she more aggressive or submissive when playing?
  2. Does she only play while "away?" (business or vacations)?
  3. Is your bed at home reserved for you as a couple?
  4. Will she only play with strangers (or friends)?
  5. Must her husband always be present?
  6. Do you only play as a couple together with other couples?


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