For those of you who are not offended by naughty stuff, sexy stuff, some nudity and adult-oriented materials. (Adults only; 18+)

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Sex Questions

This is a questionnaire about sex!

We have it in order to get to know each other better. Answer honestly and post after :)

  • (Copy and paste the questions in a new post at the forum to answer them… If you have questions use the Contact Us box.

    First part, get to know you:

  1. Are you a guy, a girl or a couple?
  2. How old are you?
  3. How old were you when you first had sex?
  4. When was your last orgasm?
  5. How did you reach it and where were you?
  6. What is the craziest sexual thing you have ever done?
  7. Where is the craziest place you ever had a sexual activity?
  8. When was the last time you masturbated?
  9. What is the longest time without having sex you ever had? (since you are sexually active)
  10. What is the longest time without having an orgasm you ever had? (since you are sexually active)
  11. What is your favorite sexual position?
  12. Dominant or dominated?
  13. Have you ever played tease and denial?
  14. Boobs or butt?
  15. Quickie sex or long foreplay?
  16. Are you shaved,trimmed,waxed or hairy?
  17. Do you prefer your partner shaved,trimmed,waxed or hairy?
  18. Do you have piercing or tattoos?
  19. What is your biggest sexual fantasy?
  20. If you could fuck/be fucked by anyone in the world, who would it be?
  21. What is the maximum number of orgasm you ever had in a day?
  22. Favorite sex toy?
  23. Sex everyday for a week and orgasm only the last day or sex only one time this week with an orgasm?
  24. You have to choose one kind of sex for the rest of your days. Would it be anal,oral or regular sex?
  25. If you would masturbate right now, how long would you need to reach orgasm?
  26. Would you prefer to receive oral sex or receive oral sex right now?
  27. On which body part would you like to cum or to receive cum?
  28. What is the most frustrating, no sex for a month or as much sex as you want for a month, but no orgasm allowed?
  29. Who’s your favorite porn star?
  30. A ruined orgasm or no orgasm?

Second part, have you ever?

(You can answer yes or no or add a description if you want)

  1. Been caught having sex?
  2. Had sex outdoor?
  3. Seen other people have sex?
  4. Had a one night stand?
  5. Had a threesome?
  6. Masturbated while thinking of a friend?
  7. Flashed someone on purpose?
  8. Had an accidental nudity?
  9. Flashed someone while making him think it was accidental?
  10. 1Seen one of your friend nude(fully or partially)
  11. Been caught masturbating?
  12. Had sex more than twice in a day?
  13. More than 3 times?
  14. Performed a striptease?
  15. Had sex with someone 10 years older?
  16. Had sex with someone 10 years younger?
  17. Had sex with more than one person in a day?
  18. Had sex with a friend?
  19. Had a lap dance in a strip club?
  20. Had very loud sex with friends or relative in the room next to you?
  21. Used and household object as a sex toy?
  22. Used food as a sex toy?
  23. Had anal sex?
  24. Received cum in my face?
  25. Swallowed cum?
  26. Had sex in a party?
  27. Had sex in a tent?
  28. Had sex in the ocean or a lake?
  29. Had sex on the beach?
  30. Had an accidental orgasm while you still had your pants on?
  31. Licked a butt hole?
  32. Had your butt hole licked?
  33. Been teased and denied orgasm?
  34. Been teased and denied orgasm for more than a week?
  35. Been teased and denied orgasm for more than a month?
  36. Teased and denied someone orgasm?
  37. Teased and denied someone orgasm for more than a week?
  38. Teased and denied someone orgasm for more than a month?
  39. Send someone nude pictures?
  40. Accidentally sent nude pictures to someone?
  41. Cheated on someone?
  42. Been slapped?
  43. Slapped someone?
  44. Tied someone?
  45. Been tied?
  46. Made a sex tape?
  47. Had an accidental boner that someone noticed?
  48. Shaved in front of someone?
  49. Done some dirty talking?
  50. Masturbated in front of someone?