For those of you who are not offended by naughty stuff, sexy stuff, some nudity and adult-oriented materials. (Adults only; 18+)

Hot Wife Bella

She is fun to post with as well as eager to read comments and pose/post for requests - special requests too!

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Latest EyeCandy Forum Bella Topics

How to meet Bella

Feel free to comment by sending me a private message.

Responses to Bella's questions

First part, get to know you:Are you a guy, a girl or a couple? CoupleHow old are you? She 63 Him 62How old were you when you first had sex? She 13 Him 18When was your last orgasm?&

Bella is Looking for an Online Daddy

With so much time on our hands and not a lot going on


Latest Wives Forum Bella Topics

Bella making the temp rise

Your latest pics really have my temp rising, had to have some fun.

Tributes for Bella

Thanks for sending this tribute pic...


Bella's Forum Bella Topics

Seeking Fun People

This spring and summer we hope to play and have fun...

Yeah Spring!!

Gotta love spring!

Love Spring

I love the nicer weather!


🍒 Photo's, Sets, Threads 🍒

I have current photos randomly taken over time. I post at the forum via requests from users and members.

Any member can simply send me a PM or start a thread request. Users can also start request posts.

"Daddy" Gift Sets:

Sometimes I pose, privately, in or with the props, lingerie etc for you in return for the gift. Hubby takes the pics and I will post them in a private thread for you view whenever or in real time, if you want.

All content views may not be sold or saved to any other place or reused anywhere but at eyecandy4us.com. If fees are involved for any 'special' content said fees would be for time it takes to create the content not for the private viewing of these sets.

* forum users and members only.

🍒 Payment's or credits for gifts 🍒

  1. Purchase EyeCandy4us Credits to be used for me obtain the items to model.
  2. Amazon gift card (+10%) (Members: PM me for my email address to send the card to) - If "special" items or "props" are needed to fulfill the order.