For those of you who are not offended by naughty stuff, sexy stuff, some nudity and adult-oriented materials. (Adults only; 18+)

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POSTING RULES for EyeCandy4us Forum If you are submitting pics see this page Submit.

We welcome your participation on this site!


The content on eyecandy4us.com has been identified as containing adult material that may not be appropriate for all users. Before viewing any page on eyecandy4us.com and its forums you must read and agree to the following:

  • You are an adult (18 years or older) and have read and understand this Adult Content Agreement and the Code of Conduct. The terms of this Agreement will inure to the benefit of all successors, assigns, and licensees. You understand that the discussions and postings on eyecandy4us.com may involve language, content, images and themes of an adult or controversial nature.
  • You understand that all postings reflect the views of the authors and are not the views of EyeCandy4us, EyeCandy4us Forums or any of our Web Services.
  • EyeCandy4us.com has no obligation to delete discussions or postings that you may find objectionable or offensive, but may do so at any time without notice.
  • There are special rules for website owners, admins and EyeCandy4us Forum Creators. If you are a website owner or admin please contact us prior to signing up to the free Forum.

Because this is a FREE Forum, we must be concerned with obscenity laws and standards. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the Posting Rules. They are simple and few, and, hopefully, they will help make everyone's experience more enjoyable.

EyeCandy4us Forum website consists of three main areas: The FREE, the Registered User and the Members Only Section.

  1. Rule 1: EyeCandy4us does not allow the posting of "sexually explicit conduct". Only R-rated materials are allowed in the Free Section, which is accessible to the Public. Please see the "Guidelines" below for further definition of R-rated materials and "sexually explicit conduct".
  2. Rule 2: Your personal photo's and materials of a more graphic nature than R-rated should be posted in the password-protected Registered User and/or Members Only area.
  3. Rule 3: Materials should be posted in the appropriate section. Only females and couples pictures should be posted in the "Wife & Couples" section. (Men should only post in the "Wife & Couples" section if they are included in the picture with a female.
  4. Rule 4: All pictures and materials posted at eyecandy4us Forum are required to be owned by the person posting them. It is unlawful for anyone other than the owner to copy or distribute them in any manner or medium without the consent of the owner. The owner of the picture posts them at EyeCandy4us Forum solely for use at EyeCandy4us. Having permission to post a picture is not considered having ownership
  5. Rule 5: We limit the number of new threads to TWO PER PERSON PER DAY in each picture section. Please cooperate and limit your threads. Post as many pictures as you want, but please limit yourself to two New Conversations each day. Couples cannot get two ID's so that they can start more then two threads in a day. Couples can post two threads in the women's section and also two threads in the guys section
  6. Rule 6: When posting , please do not start a new conversation without posting a picture!! Also, please do not post pictures in other peoples threads without being invited in the Title of the thread (topic) or thread (topic) body.
  7. Rule 7: Please wait at least a couple of weeks before re-posting a picture. eyecandy4us forum would get pretty boring if everyone kept posting the same pictures.

Messages without pictures should not be posted in the picture sections.
"Personals" should not be posted in an open forum page, keep private things private, the forum has options on a per post basis and even free 'registered' users can use them to USE them when a member or creator initiate the message.


The Forum does not allow the posting of any sexually explicit material as defined:
''sexually explicit conduct'' means:

  • (A) sexual intercourse, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital, or oral-anal, whether between persons of the same or opposite sex;
  • (B) bestiality;
  • (C) masturbation;
  • (D) sadistic or masochistic abuse; or
  • (E) lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area of any person;
  • The following are examples of what should NOT be posted in the Free Section:
  • Photos of sexually explicit conduct (see above for the definition).
  • Photos depicting sexual acts with a "photo touch-up" blocking out the sexual act.
  • The touching of penis to vagina, anus or mouth
  • Oral-genital contact, even if you cannot see the insertion (mouth to groin area, etc.)
  • Fingers, toys or objects inserted in anus or vagina
  • Gyno pics, Gaping hole pictures, rule of thumb: if you can see into the hole it shouldn't be posted
  • Pre-cum or any ejaculate, Cum shots, Pre-cum, Ejaculate
  • A persons head buried in a naked woman's groin or buttocks area.
  • photo's depicting violence
  • heavy bondage, sadistic or masochistic abuse; - both arms and legs bound, head covered with limbs bound, etc

The following are examples of materials and subject matter that are STRICTLY PROHIBITED anywhere on the site:

  1. Naming or mentioning other web site locations. ( At some point we may have paying sponsors. Please respect that by NOT soliciting on EyeCandy4us or its Forums.}
  2. The posting of URL's or Kik info unless done by creators (moderators) and patrons (members) by way of using one of the two methods to have it private on the forum.
  3. The posting of telephone numbers unless done by creators (moderators) and patrons (members) on their private messages.
  4.  "Bathroom" pictures (depicting bodily functions)
  5. Child pornography or any discussions about under-age sex
  6. Advertisements
  7. Commercial photographs
  8. Photo's of illegal activities
  9. Do not advertise an email address that is different then the one you are registered with.
  10. Revenge threads, unaware and "expose me" are not allowed on any eyecandy4us forum(s).

We allow only R-rated or soft porn type pictures to be posted in the open areas.
The following are examples of what could be posted in the Free Section:

  • Photo's "simulating" sexual acts are allowed on eyecandy4us forum.
  • a women's head in a mans lap is allowed as long as you do not see the sexual act
  • intercourse pictures, as long as you do not show the act.
  • full nudity
  • light bondage, wrists bound or legs bound, but not both arms and legs bound


The Eyecandy4us Forum is not a forum to voice complaints. if you have a complaint or problem, just message an admin or moderator.

  • Objectionable pictures and objectionable or rude comments will be deleted. If you see material of this nature, please let the us know as soon as possible.
  • Sometimes it is easier for the site moderator to delete all posts made by a person rather then just the objectionable post
  • We try to email you when you make an bad post telling you why it was deleted.
  • We log the IP address of every person who visits the site and posts on the board
  • Frequent Rules and Guidelines violators will have their Posting ID terminated and we will notify their Internet Service Provider.
  • All posts in the free topics sections will eventually be archived to the members area. Once you post we are under no obligation to delete what you posted.

If you have any questions regarding the Rules and/or Guidelines, please e-mail us via the contact us box on any page.

And LAST, but not least....We hope you enjoy your experience on EyeCandy4us Forum!