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Let’s start with a little background. Grumpy and I started taking a few pics here and there. It became something that really turned us both on!  He asked me if I minded if he posts some of them to Wife Lovers websites and forums, not really knowing what I was getting into,  I said sure.

I’ve had LOTS of fun with it, the positive comments and feedback turn me on a lot!  So I thought I’d branch out here where there are less restrictions and more intimacy.

Experimenting with sharing me...

Actually, it was hubby that first brought it up.  At the time I thought he was crazy!  Was this a trick to get him to be with other women?  That’s what I initially though, but after a LOT of LONG talks I realized he just wanted me as his personal 'Porn Star', and just wanted to see me enjoy myself. 

I always did like sex, and I was always faithful, but after he arranged the first guy to come over and I got over the guilt, I just got into it more and more. 

The first time I was so nervous…..and excited!  His cock was so much different than my husbands, I just laid back and let him stroke in and out until I CAME HARD!

Once you have slept with another man who is NOT your husband you can’t go back.
I do like a variety of cocks...OH YES!! They all feel so much different!

There is something so erotic about having sex with another man while your Husband is right there watching……the look on his face when the tip of the guy’s dick slips inside you… I have done this a few times. :smile:

Why Donations?

Because it is the most 'discreet' way to help me fund this site and my ability to post for you.

Supporting me on my Forum gives you the opportunity to get viewing access to content that is not available anywhere else (by me) and helps me too. When I feel wanted, desired and appreciated it allows me to open up and be more intimate with you.

It also allows me to add more features to my forum!

Besides posting pictures for you and 'private posts' with you, you can also request to see more erotic pictures with or without commentary and special rewards, outfits, panties, etc..., since these have to be for 'verified' adults only (meaning you are an adult over the age of 18 and 21 in some instances) I have patron level(s) access available thru donations...

I am not a professional model or photographer, just a housewife with a fun hobby. I love my hubby and being his personal 'porn star' turns me on a lot! Plus I can please you too which also is a HUGE turn on!

I hope you join me and help support this fun pastime!

I look forward to seeing where this goes!


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