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About this Forum

This is a page dedicated to How things work... 

This forum is about me and my hotwife interests. This forum is provided to us all as a result of the donations and contributions of my viewers.

My content consists of current pictures of me in various stages of dress and undress. It also contains pictures of my current wants, wish-lists, experiences (my husbands forum includes content of my hotwife experiences prior to my forums creation).

As a Patron Member Level 1 you will have access to private massaging with me, private thread posts with me and can view/request clothed and unclothed content, with some restrictions, basically R-Rated images.

Patron Level 2 Members can view, by request, some explicit and certainly exclusive content. X rated type of pictures.

Key-Holder Members (who continue to contribute for the ongoing development of this forum and it's content) may participate in the creation of content in a few different ways... Send me an IM if you want to learn more. (You MUST be a current member and be approved by me to become a Key-Holder Member.)

Gifts go a long way to add more content so I hope you enjoy 'little ole me' enough to contribute, donate.

Content will be added as my experiences (encounters-photo shoots-requests) happen which then will be available to members via requests.

Other content is added as my wish-list and gift contributions happen... however if you are a member level 2 and willing to spoil me with a gift(s), you certainly have more options.

Patrons can interact with me by starting a thread and by requesting and commenting with me. I will certainly do my best to make things fun for both of us!

What are your interests? Join and send me an IM, lets chat, post and have fun!


Do you have KIK or Snapchat?

NOPE! Just this Forum.

Will you show your face?

Nope! Never on this or any site

Do you sell used panties?

Never have but if you are 'into' it ask me.

  •  Will only ship within the U.S (if you’re outside the US message us and we’ll chat about how much shipping costs)
  •  We only accept PayPal donation as form of payment
  1. $75 for panties featured on the forums (scroll through the forum and message me the ones you’d like and I’ll let you know if they’re still available)
  2. $50 for plain cotton bikini briefs

Panties will be worn, panties will be creamed in, panties will be mailed to you in a padded shipper.

Why does ~ The hubby ~ take the pictures?

First of all, candid pictures has been a hobby of his for awhile, so yes he does have more than just of me in his collection.

Because it turns us both on :wink:

Does hubby share you?

I share all of these pictures with you.  Don’t be greedy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:  - YES, selectively.

Will we ever see the hubby in photos?

Nope, sorry. Hubby is really enjoying showing me off. This is what he likes. I like being naughty for him (and ME)

Where do you guys live?

We live ND USA

How tall is she?

She is 5'4

How old  is ~ Bella ~?

I am of legal age :wink:

Edited to add I’m in my early 40’s.  So I’m not old, but I’m not young - I’m just right :wink:

Do you meet who and when you want? or just who and when hubby wants you to?

I will meet whenever I want with whomever I think is worthy - I usually have to be in the mood.

He’s not my Dom, he’s my husband. I rarely do anything when I’m ‘told’ to do it.

On a How to note:

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How to Add a Post or Thread

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Keep the questions coming....