For those of you who are not offended by naughty stuff, sexy stuff, some nudity and adult-oriented materials. (Adults only; 18+)

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Hot Wife Challenge!

You all like a challenge or you wouldn't be on this page so we got to thinking how to make some fun adult challenges!

Some of these ideas are a bit more "challenging" than others. We tried include a range from totally innocent but fun loving - to turning you wife into the model little 'slut' - and we mean slut in the nicest possible way!

As you read each step there are likely to be some that just aren't possible where you live or just don't sound like fun for either of you. Well then - simply skip that one and move on to the next event. The idea here is to be open minded and to explore that other side of your sweet little things personality that she may not even know is there. Just remember that you started this. Just challenge her to do one of these ideas every now and then.

The ideas are in no particular order - just fun challenges! We will be adding to this list when we think of new idea - more of a blog - eventually we will get categories and maybe rank them from least to most challenging. One idea might be that you or your partner gets to choose a challenge from the list as a present. You could make up a card listing two or three of the challenges as a sort of multiple-choice present. "Happy Birthday! - as your present this year you can pick one of the following three challenges".

Then list three that you are willing and/or dying to try!

Get your sexy back!

Go out dressed a little sexier than normal  -  OK - a lot sexier!  This can be a progressive game in itself.  Start off with a little more make-up and maybe a short skirt.  Over time this can evolve into sheer tops, really short skirts, maybe a few extra buttons undone.  The point is to be flirtatious and a little slutty.  A quick little flash, a wink, followed by a giggle - something to say "your in play"!  Have fun.

Pretty Woman

Why should Julia Roberts get to have all the fun!  Go out and play the high-class call girl.  Go to an upscale hotel with a lounge - dress sexy but classy.  Go to the lounge alone and have hubby agree to give you a little time to "work" the room.  Maybe text him a code word after you have the attention of the room.  Basically chat with the boys, flirt, drop a few hints that your available but do it in a coy way.  Don't answer any real questions.  When they ask if your alone say that your meeting someone.  Then have hubby walk in and look around ... then walk up to you and say "are you Julia?" or whatever name you choose to use.  Say yes and proceed to chat a little - flirting a little more as time goes on.  Treat it like a blind date - your audience will draw their own conclusions - give them something to talk about.  In the end say something like "well ... should we go up to my room?" Get up and leave together.  Again - give them something to talk about.  

For a little more fun keep looking and smiling at the hottest of the guys you were chatting with before you husband came in.  Have hubby get up and go to the men's room.  While he is gone get up and walk straight over to the guy and slip him a piece of paper with your name and phone number or your name and an email address. Wink and walk away.  It's up to you if you put your real info on the piece of paper!

Birthday Suit

This doesn't work in all locations but when it does it can be fun!  Stage one might be to go outside completely naked - high-heels or jewelry would of course be allowed .  You try to stay outside  naked the whole time hubby is gone.  In stage two you and hubby lock the doors to the house so you have no choice but to stay out until he returns.  Imagine the mailman or a delivery guy showing up or a neighbor stopping by and you are wearing nothing but a smile!  
Advanced players can plan this for when you know that hot delivery guy is showing up.  Maybe order a pizza and then lock yourself out.  Maybe your hanging in the pool or just sunning in the backyard when he shows up and you don't even have a towel to cover up.

Special Delivery

A slight variation on the Birthday Suit Game.  Order a pizza or some other home delivery and then answer the door naked.  A variation might be to open the door in a towel like you just got out of the shower - when you go to sign for the delivery or to pay for the pizza simply drop the towel (by accident of course).  You can scramble for the towel if you want or simply shrug and forget it!  If you are feeling really slutty you can turn your back to the delivery guy then bend over at the waist to pick up the towel and really give him a show!  
I once  ordered a pizza at a hotel and when it came I answered the door wearing heavy make-up,  high-heels, really short hot pants that lace up the sides and nothing else.  I had a whip draped across my shoulder and was completely topless.  I didn't even tried to cover up but simple smiled and paid for the pizza.  He kept staring down at my "outfit" - I just smiled ...took the pizza and said "well ... back to work" and closed the door.

Sex-ting Little Things

Go out to a bar or dance club and have a fun evening flirting and chatting with any hot guy you meet.  The difference is that when your married or attached you normally send off a vibe that says your having fun but generally unavailable.  The difference here is to give off a vibe that says you are absolutely available.  It's your call if you want them to know that your single and looking or married and looking - as long as you let them know your looking!  Some guys find the challenge of picking up a married or otherwise attached woman as a real turn-on.  
Your goal for the night is to get at least one phone number to do some harmless little flirting with by text.  And we all realize that "harmless" means different things to different people and that the line has a funny way of moving over time.  
I once started texting with a younger hottie.  Over time the texts went from how was your weekend to maybe we should get a drink ... to ... the last text i sent him was a pic of me in the shower getting ready for our first date.  As I said the line tends to move!

The Dating Game

This game is simple and fun - and like most of these challenges the goal line or objective can move over time.  This challenge can be broken into 3 general levels and you certainly don't need to start with level one nor do you need to limit yourself by any of the steps.  Here are some general levels.
Level 1 -  Place an add on a dating site.  Have fun and fill it out honestly.  Your mate might learn a little more about you by simply reading what you say your looking for and what you say about yourself.  The add doesn't have to show your face and certainly don't give out any personal info but you might find it flattering to see how many guys want to "get to know you".
Level 2 - This one goes a little further in that you should definitely add a sexy pic as well as some flirtatious language and you should respond to at least a couple of the members of your new "fan club".  You can stop at any point (or not).
Level 3 - Well now - level 3 is to actually complete level 2 and then to go on the date!  I find it an incredible turn-on when my sweet little wife has put an add on-line looking for a date!  I find it more of a turn on when she actually goes on a date.  There is nothing quite like watching her get ready for a date.  Watching her pick out a sexy little outfit and especially lingerie drives me nuts?

Say Cheeze!

Again a multiple level challenge.  The first is to send your hubby a pic now and then by text. You can start off with simple pics about what you are doing and build to ones in lingerie to eventually naked pic with you wearing nothing but a smile.  The next level is to do the same but with something you just met at a bar or club.  Make sure that any of the sexy pics you send do not include your face but still have fun.

Hide and Seek

Another challenge that has a beginners and an "advanced" level.
Beginners - Leave a note for hubby.
Advanced - Leave the same note for someone other then hubby.
The note should be left where they can't miss it.  If it's for hubby maybe put it on the counter, tape it to the mirror or tape it to the door he is likely to use.  If it's for anyone else simply invite them over and then put it on the door in an envelope with their name on it.  The note should be an invitation to play hide-and-seek.  Take a nude pic of yourself (taken from the back or at least not showing your face  just in case someone else gets the note - having your neighbors know you indulge in role-play games is one thing but you don't want them having a naked pic of you and I'm guessing you don't want them to know you indulge in role-play games with someone other than your husband.  The invitation could say something like ... Want to play hide-and-seek?  I'm in the woods behind the house and for the next 30: this is what I'll be wearing - The clock's ticking!
I'm guessing that it won't take long for them to find you - nor will it take long after they find you to be playing more advanced games!

Double Dare Ya

Here is one that was sent to us and well ... it is interesting.  Ladies - here is one to throw back on your guy.  If he's always trying to get you to do daring things - maybe it's time to turn the tables.  The game here is to challenge each other.  
You both go out to a bar or nightclub - split up and see who can complete the challenge first.  
Beginners:   You both try to simple get a phone number or email from a member of the opposite sex.  More advanced players could try this as a same sex challenge.  Guys - you've always wanted to see her flirt with another girl ... what if she wants to see you flirt with another guy?  I think this falls into the category of careful what you wish for.
Intermediate:  First one to actually set a date with someone else.  Or at least enter into a sexting relationship and let your partner read the texts.  LOL - they may learn a lot more about you!
Advanced:  Actually go out on a date with the person you have emailed or texted.  It's one thing to email or text - but another thing entirely to actually go out on a date!
Expert:  Go out as a double date with the other couple being your significant other and their date.  Tell them your just good friends or go-ahead and tell them your married.  This could get really complicated - and challenging.  Imagine that your out for drinks with your new found friend and the other coupe is your husband and his new date.  This could get really fun if you all go back to someone's place for drinks and things start going further.