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There is no "new" definition of "cuckold"

I've read a lot of different opinions lately about cuckolding, and what a cuckold is (or isn't). I'm a stickler for language. Language, and the definitions of terms, provides a consistent reference for communication. If I say I'm a woman everyone know what I am. Consistent definition is what makes that possible. Everyone doesn't have a different meaning for the term woman.

Cuckold is no different. Some people insist the definition for cuckold has changed. No, not according to Merriam-Webster, is hasn't. A cuckold has always been a man whose wife has sex with someone outside the marriage. That's STILL the definition and it's the ONLY definition. 

I read countless opinions of people who are trying to hijack the definition of cuckolding to fit what THEY wish it meant. Worse yet, they insist that everyone else accept THEIR new interpretation. 

Some believe all cuckolding must include FemDom play or male humiliation. Others want interracial sex to be required. Some want it to include sissification and crossdressing, or forced bisexuality. Some demand that the cuckold must be bound and helpless, or fluff the bull or be denied sex for years.

That's bullshit. NONE of that is cuckolding. Those are all SEPARATE fetishes, added to cuckolding. Cuckolding is nothing more than the wife having sex with someone else. That's it. 

Many couples practice FemDom and humiliation, but remain monogamous. That's not cuckolding. 
Many couples enjoy cross-dressing but remain monogamous. That's not cuckolding.
Many married couples enjoy bondage, but remain monogamous. That's not cuckolding. 
Some married men are bisexual, but don't share their wife. That's not cuckolding.

Don't get me wrong. Combining fetishes is cool, if that's your thing. But please don't push your combination of kinks onto the rest of us kinksters, and insist that we accept your "new" definition of cuckolding, just because it suits YOU. The remaining millions of cuckolds and cuckoldresses are perfectly content with the traditional definition, and doing our thing without all of the other kinks that some of you insist on including.

End of rant! Happy wife fucking... :)

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