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Sex with an Ex

It shouldn't have happened because he is in a relationship with another woman, and I am in a relationship as well. I will skip the details of what lead to us coming together and just tell you what happened when I got to his house.

I was nervous when I got there afraid that she might come home early - to which he assured me she would not. We made small talk in the living room before he invited me upstairs. I knew exactly what I was getting myself in to, but I cannot explain the feeling of walking into their bedroom. We stood in front of the bed and he was not shy about getting things started. I am pretty sure he had a full blown erection before I even walked in the door. He was anticipating what was to happen.

He put his hands on both sides of my jaw and pulled me in close to him and began kissing me. I was so nervous, I was finding it hard to relax. He just kept kissing me, probing his tongue deep into my mouth. His kisses trailed down from my tongue and lips to my neck. I tilted my head backwards enjoying the feel of his warm tongue and lips on my body. The kisses continued down past my neck and he paused briefly to pull my blouse over my head and toss it to the ground. I was standing there in my bra and a tightly fitted skirt. I had driven straight to his house from work.

He let the tips of his fingers trace just inside of my bra and caress my nipples. My lips were parted and I was breathing heavier with the sensation flooding my body and the warmth and wetness I was beginning to feel between my legs with his every touch. He continued on....caressing the nipples until he smoothly unhooked my bra and dropped that to the floor. I stood there my large, full breasts exposed for him to gaze at.

He quickly knelt down and began sucking on first my right breast while still fondling my left breast and nipple. He looked up at me and I was watching him.

He moved over to the left breast. I had parted my legs more at this point. It was instinct. I was not so nervous anymore about anyone coming home. All I could think about was him laying me down on the bed. I reached down and unhooked his belt first, then continued to unsnap his pants and pull the zipper down. His jeans were worn and a bit dirty from his day at work. I didn't mind at all. As I pushed his jeans down his cock was completely swollen and hard and I had to be careful sliding his jeans over it. He pushed them down the rest of the way and stepped out. I ran my hands over the outside of his cotton boxer briefs and he groaned. I played with the tip of his cock through the fabric and felt moisture coming through the fabric. I wasted no time in pushing his briefs down towards his ankles to which he stepped out of them quickly.

He was completely naked and erect. I continued stroking his cock with my hand and he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the attention I was giving it. He then pushed my silky panties down and they slid effortlessly to the floor as well. I looked into his eyes and slowly dropped to my knees. There is nothing better than placing a man's hard, erect cock in my mouth and sucking on it. I get so turned on. I gently stroked his balls as I remembered how much he liked that and placed his cock in my mouth. I ran my mouth up and down his entire shaft and flicked my tongue around on the tip of his cock.

He was watching me. I gazed up into his eyes as I was sucking it and then looked back down so I could shove it deeply into my throat. He was moaning. I was hoping he would not explode into my mouth yet as I had not gotten a chance to feel him in my pussy. His fingers were wrapped into my long hair and he was smoothing it back to get a better view as I sucked on his cock and stroked his shaft and balls. I could taste his pre-cum and I slowed down my sucking for fear that he might explode early into my mouth.

He reached down and grabbed me under my elbows and pulled me to a standing position. My heart was racing and I felt faint. I knew he wanted to be inside of me. He walked me backwards towards his bed. We were kissing at this point and he kept pushing me backwards until I felt the mattress on my bare ass. He pushed me back harder and I slowly moved myself onto the mattress. I laid back onto the pillow. The bed was unmade. He climbed on as well but instead of pushing himself into me he spread my legs apart and slid his finger over my clit and checked to see how wet my pussy was. It was throbbing, swollen, and very wet. He moved the tip of his finger slowly around my pussy before sliding himself backwards onto the bed to give his mouth full access to my wet, pink pussy. He began licking and sucking and I easily let my thighs fall open giving him permission to do whatever he wanted. His hands slid under my ass as he raised me into the air which gave him more leverage and a better angle to devour me. I watched him for a minute as he seemed to completely enjoy licking, sucking, eating my pussy. Deep tongue thrusts and yet gentle strokes. I laid my head back and closed my eyes enjoying every sensation that was filling my body. It was not long before I had reached my hands down and placed them in his hair and held his head to my sweet pussy urging him to continue. I raised my hips to meet every lick and nibble and pulled him tighter into me. I was gasping now and moaning. It seemed to make him want more and he was fully enjoying that I was covering his entire mouth before exploding my sweet juices all over his tongue and lips and chin. My body just kept seizing into him as my orgasm completely took control of me. I was spent and limp from the intensity of cumming in his mouth and being given that kind of attention.

He wiped his chin of my juices that were dripping off of him and he moved towards me. I stared at his large cock in anticipation of what was next. With my thighs still spread wide open he reached under my legs and pulled me up into him. He was on his knees. He wasted no time pulling me towards him and placing his cock at the opening of my wet and super sensitive pussy. He slid in gently at first allowing me to get used to the feeling of him being inside of me. He felt so different than what I was used to. He began moving slowly back and forth and then harder and deeper. He kept my body pulled into the air and his fingers with gripping into my thighs tightly. I reached my arms behind me and used the headboard as a brace to take his deep and hard thrusts. I was moaning and even wincing a little from the pain of him fucking me intensely now. His gaze was intense and staring at my body as my breasts were bouncing up and down with each rhythmic thrust. He wanted to fuck me and he wanted me to feel every inch of him and I didn't stop him. He dropped my legs and laid across my chest wrapping his hands under the pillow that I was laying on reaching for my wrists. My arms were still extended above my head. He grasped them with his own hands and held them together tightly. He had complete control and dominance over me and still continued to thrust himself into me. He was sweating now and moving much faster, almost animal-like. I enjoyed the feeling of being completely dominated and wanted to please him. He was gasping and moaning and suddenly when I felt like his deep, powerful thrusts would completely overtake my insides he let out a huge groan and I felt his cock jump inside of me and I knew he was cumming. He continued to groan but had stopped moving now and just let his cock continue to pulse inside of me as his cum seeped out. We both lay there spent and exhausted and he lifted himself up on his elbows and we smiled at each other. We laid there for a bit before cleaning up and getting our clothes back on. He told me we needed to do this more often. I left with shaky legs and feeling guilty for what had happened, but also feeling giddy from being fucked so good.

I did not have a chance to shower when I got home because my hubby was home, so I tried to wipe myself as best I could. He never wants to go down on me and of course he initiated sex that evening and went down on me. I was freaking out that he would be able to tell there was another man's cum oozing out of me. I was fearful I would have trouble having an orgasm and he would wonder why, but for some reason I was super turned on thinking about the fact that he was licking my pussy after another man had just fucked it hard and dumped his load in me.

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