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All the People She's Fucked

1. Yours Truly
2. Al, my buddy I always ran around with, fucked her when I broke up with her. She said it never happened, but he swears it did. I believed him as he had nothing to gain or lose, he had never lied to me before. She on the other hand might have feared we might break up again if I knew she fucked him.

3.David her boyfriend when we were broken up, possibly others. She had been out with several guys before going steady with him. It wasn't that hard to get her to fuck, so probably a few of them had her before her & David started going steady.

4. A neighbor played with her tits & pussy, as I did his wife. We fucked them with a banana. That was our first mutual sex game with other people.

5. Danny over about a 13 year period, had hundreds of times with her, usually had her 2 or 3 times per session. Was with her 2 or 3 times week nights & most weekends for a good 2 year stretch. Dozens of times in the back seat of my Barracuda. He was at our house more than he was home. He told me he loved my wife more than he loved his wife & if not for his kids he would have loved to live with us so he could have her anytime. We had so many sessions with her that the two of us were in perfect sinc, we were almost like one person together. we knew her body & reactions so well that we were able to give her everything she wanted.

6. First swinging couple we met, she did him about 4 times, always off by themselves.

7. Dick a three time fuck in one night, a swinging couple we met thru ads.

8. Big cocked guy, she picked him from an ad on a dating site. Went to his house, within 5 minutes of being there she was in bed fucking him. Me and his wife just sat & talked for about an hour while he fucked the shit out of her. She said it was pretty good for her & she liked the way he fucked & his cock was a little bigger than mine. A one time deal.

9. Jim, a coworker of mine had her several times over a few years usually for several hours resulting in 5 or 6 fucks per session. Used to drive around a lot, she would get naked from the waist down as soon as she was in the car. As we drove around both of us would play with her tits & finger fuck her wet pussy. A couple of times we drove about 100 miles to another city, & 3 times about 75 to another city. We would get a motel room & fuck her 2 or 3 times apiece, then head for home & fuck her again. We would play with her all the time we were driving, flashing truckers etc. I never understood how she could have her cunt worked over that much without getting sore, never complained about it or even had to be asked. When she got in the car off came everything from the waist down, legs spread & ready for both of us. If we stopped to get a drink or something, we would have to wait till she got dressed. When we got back to the car, wham! she was naked again.

10. Jack, a guy with porn that he shared with me, links online etc., he was about 50 & not very good looking. He had told me a couple of times how cute he thought my wife was. What happened next was totally all her doing, she got hot watching some porn, had me stop the scene in the middle of a hot movie. Got up took his hand, led him to the bedroom, stripped & laid all spread out with her pussy wide open & all juiced up, she asked him to fuck her. I told him to go ahead & just watched in amazement, as she had never been that forward with anyone & she barely knew him. He gave her a good fucking & she was really fucking him back. After he popped his load in her hot cunt, she sat up & said " damn that felt good". She then led him back to the couch, laid down bare ass naked with her head on his lap. She took his hands & guided them to her tits & pussy. So he fingered her & played with her tits while we checked out 3 more scenes. She then got up said to him, it was nice, then went into the bedroom & shut the door.

11. Had lesbian sex with a gal as me & her boy friend watched. She said she enjoyed licking her first pussy & that she came almost the instant her tongue touched the gal's pussy. Said she came 3 times while doing her & being done.

12. Doug from a bowling league we were in, he came home with us one night to have some more drinks, we were all feeling our drinks pretty well. He sat in the chair beside mine, my wife climbed onto my lap facing me with her legs to either side of me. She was pretty horny, started rubbing her crotch to mine, then she took my hands under her top up to her bare tits, that left them out so Doug could see it all. After a few sexy kisses, crotch rubbing & tit massaging, Doug said it looked like I needed a little help. I told him to come on over. He stepped behind my wife & I moved my hands so he had access to her tits, as soon as he touched her she let out this low sexual moan & shoved her upper body into his chest. He moved one hand down to her pussy & started rubbing her. She got off my lap, flew out of her clothes, then lay spread eagle, pussy wet & wide open. He pulled his very small cock out & gave her about a 30 second hump. She said later his cock was so small, she barely felt it. She set out to expose herself to him on her own. I had not even considered him for a fuck party, but guess she wanted him that night. He went back to the bowling alley, the very next day & told everyone he had fucked her & gave her the fuck of her life ( ha ha )

13. Another coworker of mine. We had been out a few times drinking with him, usually a little flashing & him feeling her up a little along with a few kisses. Mostly just minor messing around which she always went along with giving him access to her tits & pussy with no urging from me. One night we took him home, she led him to the bed, stripped & as she always did when she was ready to fuck, spread wide open for him. He started kissing her & finger fucking her. He did something to her & I don't know what it was, but it instantly turned her off . She closed her legs & told him that it was no go, so he left. Another night the 3 of us were at our favorite country bar. A gal we knew asked me for a ride home so I left them there & took her home. When I got back they weren't there, we had talked about getting something to eat & taking it home. I waited a while & when they didn't show up I went home. His car was not there, I went upstairs & she was in the shower. I knew right then she had fucked him as she never went to bed with another mans cum in her pussy & we always had the guys bareback so I could have my love wine. So she had fucked him on her own without me knowing, she would never admit that she did & he denied it for a while , but he finally admitted he fucked her that night.

14. The owner of our favorite bar, the first night it happened at the Club after hours when he fucked her on the bar stool. Man!!! what a night, I had never seen her get that hot & wild. She fucked him like a totally sex starved slut whose life depended on her cumming with him in her. It didn't last long but man was it intense. That night & their fuck is by far my most favorite memory. It puts all the others combined to shame. The next time was when she got so pissed at me for stripping her so I could take a pic of them together. Their night in the Club ment so much to me I just had to have some pics of them. She was so mad that I figured all I would get was with her on his lap, but she really had the hots for him so within a couple of minutes she was on the floor with him giving him full access to her body. They had a long slow fuck for over 45 minutes, she came multiple times with him & I was totally left out.

15. Another guy from our bowling league, we had him & his wife to the house one night. She was the one that asked them over & within 5 minutes they were on the floor fucking. I messed with his wife but I just couldn't get interested in her. My wife & him had 3 good fucks with a short rest in between. They played with each other & had some 69ing. Why she did him I'll never know cause she won't talk about it, but I figured my wife & his wife set it up between them ahead of time as they had been going off talking to each other. Doug letting the whole place know that he fucked her probably led to it.

That's it finally. As you can see several of the fuck sessions were all her doing. She did have several episodes with guys at the bars we went to. Not leading to fuck parties, but she would get felt up a lot while dancing, if she liked the guy she would sometimes go sit in their car with them & play around a little bit getting fingered etc. but she always told them if they wanted to fuck her they had to go to our house & I would be there. We had bunches of guys that got so far then freaked out when she told them that. There fore it is hard to tell how many actually got a finger or tongue in her hot little cunt.

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