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My friend has always wanted my wife and he got his wish

I knew my buddy had a thing for my wife so I always brought up Dales name as we were having sex or just after. She seem to enjoy me saying things like, you could have Dale in your pussy right now as my cock is in your sweet little ass, or just think what it would be to perform like a porno queen for me with Dale as your stud.
At first she didn't go with it but over time she started saying things like, what would you do if he filled my fertile pussy with his cum, or he could get me pregnant you know then what would we do?
See I can't get her pregnant after a car pulled out in front of me when bike. It messed my balls up big time so I don't even have a sperm count.
I always thought my red headed sweet wife would look great with her belly full of a baby or two and hell Dale is my best friend so who better.
I asked her one day of dinner if we should find a way to start our family or should we adopt a kid or two. She said that she always dreamed of having a baby or two or even three. I didn't say anything more but the next time Dale came over and he hugged Sue I said "You two need to get a room." my wife laughed and Dale winked at me.
As the night went on I feed more wine to Sue and soon she was getting more and more drunk and when she does she gets horny. I put sound music on and started to dance with her and as I did I told her the next dance was for Dale. I kept rubbing her back and her ass which she likes as I kissed her neck. I heard her breathing change and become deeper telling me she was getting hornier as we danced.
Next was Dale's turn and when his hand slid down to her ass she didn't stop him. When he kissed her neck she moved her head to give him more room. Then he looked into her eyes before giving her a very deep hard kiss on her mouth. At first she seemed shocked but soon was returning his kiss.
I decided to act like I had passed out and when the song ended they were still kissing and Dale was slowly walking her towards our bedroom. When they got to the hallway she stopped saying my name but Dale said "Don't worry, he's out for the night and will never know honey."
Through squinted eyes I watch my wife look at me then turn taking Dale's hand heading for the bedroom. I give them maybe 5 minutes before going down the hall to see what was happening.
When I got there Sue was sitting on the bed topless sucking hard on Dale's sizable cock. Dale was running his hand through her hair as he told her she was giving the best blow job he had ever had. She pulled back saying "I want you to eat me Dale, I want to feel your tongue on my pussy."
It wasn't long before they were doing a 69 when Dale seen me peeking in at them and stopped but I give him a thumbs up and he went back at her giving her the first of many orgasms that night.
Just as Dale started pushing inside Sue red swollen pussy she said "Remember Dale am in my fertile cycle so don't cum in me, remember you promise you will pull out, right?" Dale nodded his head as Sue threw her head back as he bottomed out inside her. Sue said "Oh god so deep so fucking deep, fuck me Dale make me cum." As she wrapped her legs around his back.
I couldn't take it anymore and just had to jerk off at the sight of my wife coming on my best friends bare cock. Sue started having waves of orgasm after orgasm and when Dale said "Am going to cum." Sue dig her finger nails in his ass not letting him pull out. Dale started grunting as he pumped his cum deep inside Sue.
Once Sue calmed down she said "Oh god what did we do, Dale you promise me you would pull out, you didn't pull out Dale. Dale what if I get, oh god do you think I could be, that we. You know I hope we did so I can have your baby Dale. Let me get you hard again and we can do it again right now."
With the way Sue was on the bed she couldn't see the door but Dale looked at me with a question in his eyes and he got a new thumbs up from me. I fell asleep at 4 in the morning with the sounds of them fucking up a storm.
That was 7 months ago and Sue is happier then ever being pregnant with our first child.

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