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A Cuck Husband Explains His Feelings After Wife Sharing

We received this from a fan of our hot wife forum.

Grumpy, As my hot wife, Crystal, requested me, I am writing to you to thank you for taking her out on Friday night and showing her a good time. I can assure you that I was at ease and not worried because you keep her safe and happy.I would also like to thank you, Sir, for the gift of your precious sperm that you have planted inside her womb. I was able to taste Your seed for the first time when you brought her home safely earlier this morning and my hot wife allowed me to, as she put it, clean her down there.




I admit I was not expecting it, but as my tongue tasted You deep inside her and I started to pull away in some , she did comfort me and urged me to continue and accept our owners blessings.I can see how much happier she is now and I know I will accept You as our owner and my wife’s lover. She is right in saying that You are a real man and worthy of our worship.Thank You again, Sir, for choosing us and enjoying my wife. It makes me proud of her that she can provide You with the sexual pleasures you need. Your humble servant. A Wife sharing husband.


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