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Cuckold Pakistani Husband Sharing His Hot Wife

This is my second hot story here.Its always amazing to find a hot wife for fun. Sharing a wife with someone else is sometimes a spike for some husbands. And This story is about the similar couple who met me by luck. It is a story of my sex experience with the wife of one of my online friends. I got his contact from a dating website. Initially, it was too much hard to convince him for a real meeting. we used to chat on weekends. When this went on for a few weeks, one day he requested me to show my cock to him. I was excited and had a curiosity to do that since I never had any experience with exhibitionism.


I knew that majority of husbands interested in wife sharing do have gay instincts and they love bigger sized dicks. Naturally, I have a good sized cock almost 7.5 inches. watching my cock he was excited and greeted me that I have a sexy cock. Sounds gay? Yeah may be he was. Who cares!. Just enjoy whatever gives you pleasure. Then next time when we started to chat, he asked me if I could fuck his wife and he would love to watch it.

Then I realized he was a cuckold and it made me very excited and I asked about his wife. He described her as a sexy structured women. She had good body features, like, a big pair of boobs and a shaking ass. I asked him if she would accept this thing and he replied that I should seduce her and do it. Then I met him in person and we had a lot of discussion in 3-4 meetings about how to proceed for plan of fucking. Finally he invited me after building a good level of trust and friendship. It was all planned by him. She got a problem of back pain and a few psychiatric problems due to that. She was a bit depressed of longer pains. I asked him to explain his wife that I am a physiotherapist and will help her to relieve her back pain.

That night around 8 o clock I went to his house. It was a separate house and nearby houses are well separated with compound walls. Then he welcomed me and introduced me to his wife. She was wearing saree and was really sexy with large boobs and curved hips. She had big sized ass, which made me horny the moment I saw her.

I didn’t take my eyes off from her boobs. In fact I became very excited and aroused about how I am gonna seduce her. He asked me to start with the physiotherapy training. She asked us how to do exercise after eating. I told her that I am busy during day time and I couldn’t come. So I’ll better teach the exercise and you can continue doing when you find time. So it is ok for just demonstration of exercise.

Then I asked him to tell her that she should wear a suitable skirt or a T-shirt. Also not to wear bra inside since that will tighten her chest while exercise and will cause added pain. He took her alone and explained her the purpose. I asked for bed on floor since it will be easy for first time training.

As planned we went to his bedroom in the first floor. It was quiet big and air conditioned. They placed a mattress on the floor. There was also a couch on one side of the room. I was waiting in the room. Then they both came inside. She was wearing a T-shirt. Her sexy boobs were protruding in her T-shirts and my cock immediately hardened watching her boobs.

As I told she was not wearing bra and her white t shirt clearly showed me the structure of her boobs with even the nipple making a small elevation in tip of her boobs. He sat on the couch and asked me to start. I asked his wife to lie down on the bed and relax herself. Breath well for five minutes closing her eyes.

While she was doing that I enjoyed her boobs moving in rhythm. I just saw my friend on the couch and he was excited ,watching me and smiled. I smiled at him back and we spoke each other with eyes. I can make out he telling me why waiting, go on, have her and I wanna see it. I told him with my eyes that I am damn hungry to fuck his wife I gonna eat his wife like an animal.

Then after five minutes I started my play. I told her I will relax her before I could teach her the main exercise. I went to her feet and took her foot to rub her sole with my palm. I was kneeling at the foot edge of the bed. I lifted her one leg to my height. You could remember she was wearing a skirt type dress.

As I did her skirt fell behind exposing her thighs and I could see her black panty. Suddenly she took her skirt and placed in over her knee to hide. I rubbed her sole and then took the other leg even heighten than previous one. As I lifted vastly her skirt fell more behind over her hip this time. I saw her both thighs and her panty fully. I became excited and got a huge erection. I was not wearing brief inside so my cock made a tent in my night pant.

As usual she again replaced her skirt to the knee but still I am able to see her thigh. My hand almost longed to reach her thigh. But I kept rubbing her sole. While this happens, her husband told her not to disturb and feel shy. He asked her to take her hands off the skirt and just close the eyes and relax. She then removed her hands from the skirt. Now I came back to other foot again, lifted and now the skirt fell back. She didn’t replace.

Now she was lying there in bed exposing her thighs. I was holding one leg in my hand in a kneeling position just opposite to her pussy. Other side of the room, her husband enjoying the show. I saw him and smiled. I showed him my erect cock. He smiled back and started rubbing his cock over his shorts.

Now I started my next move. I just displaced her both legs apart and knelled down just between her knees. I told i’ll relax her knee joints. She lied there almost half naked with her skirt completely moved away to her stomach. I can see her a bit aroused though she lied there as if she is not aware of anything. I started lifting her one knee and bent her thighs up and down. Now I am seeing her pussy very closer. My erection is at its peak and my cock almost became hungry and ready to jump in to her pussy.

As I moved her knees, her panty moved away sideways exposing her vagina partially. It was slightly hairy. I enjoyed the show and there her husband had his hand inside his shorts caressing his cock. Then I went on to other knees and I can make out she started pouring secretions in her vagina. I could make out her pussy getting wet and she started breathing heavily. If she opened her eyes she could clearly see my 7.5 inch cock protruding in my night pant just aiming her pussy. But she stayed with her eyes closed.

Then I moved away and asked her to turn one side and I will relax her back side ways. She turned one side and now her boobs almost hanging onside and as she is turned onside, her cleavage is completely visible alone with upper half of her boobs. I was not in this world. Though I couldn’t resist myself squeezing her boobs, I kept going slow as I am still doubtful is she will cooperate.

Then as I said started massaging her back and side of her body. As I moved upwards I pressed armpit deep enough to touch her boobs. She was definitely enjoying it as I can make out since she had one of her hands in her thigh near pussy. I massaged twice and asked her to lie facing other side.

Now she turned facing my side. I was kneeling down there with erect cock and bit wet with my pre ejaculatory fluid that can be easily seen since I wore a light and thin night pant. Now we were in a position such that my cock almost facing her face. She didn’t open her eyes. Then I repeated the same massage, but this time I confidently started touching her boobs while massaging her back. Now I was no more in control and I started squeezing the sides of her boobs with my finger tips.

Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked moving away. I didn’t take my hands away. She asked her husband that it was enough. But her husband got up and came near with an erect cock, just caressed her hairs and placed her hand on his own cock. She looked a bit nervous doing this in-front of me. He tried to convince her politely that this type of physiotherapy will lessen her pains. She looked and him and then closed her eye's again. I continued squeezing her breast with one hand and rubbed her thighs with other.

Then suddenly I noticed her resistance slowed down, she closed her eyes and now I am getting a response. I first given her clito lips massage, then chewed her pussy lips. While I did this I took her hand and kept over my cock. She started squeezing it and to my surprised she left her hand inside my pants. I am feeling her hand caressing my erect naked cock.

I squeezed her boobs. Then I removed her t shirt and she lying there with topless, her skirt completely folded over her stomach showing her panty. I sucked her breast and chewed her nipples. She enjoyed it. Then kept my hand over her pussy. It was completely wet. I tried sliding my finger inside her pussy. Wow! It full of secretions and she was in her peak. I started fingering her. After sometime I removed my pants and her panty. Still skirt is there in her body. Her husband lied down on couch and was shaking his cock faster.

Now I started licking her pussy and she on excitement tried to hold my head. While doing so put her skirt over my face. Can u imagine her husband’s view? His wife lying there just with one skirt. I am fully naked licking her pussy half of me hidden inside her skirt. While my hard cock and ass visible outside the skirt. He was enjoying the scene. Then I wanted her to suck my cock. So I turned other way and kept my cock on her mouth. She started sucking and we are in 69 position sucking each other. I squeezed her ass as I tried to enter my tongue more and more in to her pussy. She took my entire cock inside her mouth. We were enjoying in peak and her husband on other side enjoying the show.

After sometime I turned and entered my cock inside her pussy. I held her both boobs and started moving my ass to and fro. I can feel her inside. Then movement went faster and faster. I could maintain the fast fucking pace for 6-8 mins maximum.

Then I reached peak and lost my control. Poured all my cum inside her pussy. On the other side her husband also went to peak and he stood and came near us. He shook his cock faster and faster and then asked me to take a side so that he could drill his wife. He fucked his wife for 2-3 minutes maximum with my semen already inside her. finally he shot his cum deep inside her. There was a strange kind of hot smell of cum spread around her pussy. Then we both came out, leaving his hot wife relaxed inside the room. It was a wonderful wife sharing experience. I still remember the months of fucking with such a stunning hotwife and her nice husband. He wanted to share his wife with another man and I fulfilled all his dreams. We remained in contact for 6 months and I fucked her almost every two weeks in the same style. This was how a Planned wife sharing fantasy came true.

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