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why do husbands like to share their wives

Wife sharing is such a popular fantasy these days. It doesn't mean that every husband who shares his wife with another man is a certified cuckold. A true cuckold is something more particularly related to humiliation rather than being a hot husband. Does your husband go out of his way to want to share you, or show you off, or encourage you to dress hotter? Do either of you both ever fantasize about another guy to re-spark your sexual intimacy? Do you have secret desires about another man in your bedroom that you are afraid to tell your partner about? If any of these situations is in-front of you, you are definitely experiencing this fantasy. why does my husband want me to sleep with another man? this is a question that may spark a wife's mind but in reality every wife enjoys freedom. Recently, I got an email from a wife who said;my husband wants to share me! And it was no more a surprise that she now wants it badly.


There are husbands that have secret desires to do a lot of things where one might question their spouses love. It is all about the motivation and reasoning for such things. A husband who trusts his wife with another man is not doing so for just a thrill, but it is also about being free and honest with his wife's sexual desires, and the enjoyment of sharing something special. Many husbands love, respect and trust their wives so much, that they just can't help wanting other men to experience that in same way. It is a great compliment at the very least, when a husband feels his wife is so attractive that other men would desire her.

There is another big reason behind "why do a husband would want to share his wife with another man?" The reason is that he might have felt at some stage or sometime that he is missing something to fulfill his wife's sexual needs. If he loves his wife honestly, he would surely try to find a suitable way to please his wife and keep her staying with him. Though, wives are not extra-curious about penis size but many of wife sharing husband's may have an average or smaller sized penis and they feel a guilt of not providing their wives with a monsters dick. They try to find a good sized guy who can make a wife happy with a big sized dick. It's a fact.

On the other hand, a few husband's do have bisexual or gay instincts and it's no more a surprise that by involving own wife into this brings a spice in life for them. By doing this, husband's do get all things done, like, their gay desires, providing a wife a nice guy and mental satisfaction.


Start enjoying your life as your husband wants. You may never ask again that "Why my husband wants to share me".In simple words, Wife sharing costs you nothing if you get the right man for your bed and you both (Husband and wife) follow the decided rules between you. Basically, no one wants to ruin his marriage. So you must make some limits that you both won't cross at any case. If you keep your wife sharing rules intact, you would enjoy this lifestyle and you will find so many different things to enjoy.

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