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Wife Sharing With Black Stud

This is our real story of wife sharing. No change of events made in this hot story and it is 100 % true story. It happened to us on Thursday September 29th. Me and my hot wife went on a vacation. We stayed in a resort hotel and we were both very much convinced to try something new and spicy this time. On that day, I had lunch with my wife at the resort, and the handsome young black waiter seemed to be looking again and again towards my horny wife as she was wearing a lovely dress. He seemed flirting with her, it was something fierce.


I noticed this and meanwhile my wife also noticed that. I winked at her and went to the washroom, leaving her alone on the table. When I was in the bathroom, she called him and asked about a few casual questions (just to set him frank with her). During that, she also had a good look at his big bulge between his legs. I could say that my wife is very intelligent in judging someone's manhood. When I returned, apparently the topic of his very large cock was brought up somehow. She told me she didn't believe and wanted to see it.

After she finished eating, we left to go upstairs, but she wrote a note for him (asking him to visit her room after 30 minutes). We went to the changing room and she undressed herself in a brassier and panty. Forgot to tell you, my wife has good boobs. We started waiting for him, when 15 minutes had passed she asked me to leave the room so that the waiter should not feel hesitated. I placed a cam in a place so that I could watch the delightful fuck later. In about 25 minutes someone knocked at the our door. She went to open the door, naturally with my heart racing and hard as a rock. I texted her after 20 minutes of him not coming out to find out if she was under the right man.


No response. I was in panic mode by the time she finally responded after 35 minutes of his entry in our room, letting me know that her new fucker was really big and trained! He actually FUCKED in all positions and she got 3 orgasms in just 35 minutes of fucking! When I returned back , I couldn't control fucking her with his black semen inside. Remember, my wife never likes a man with a condom, she loves hot cum falling inside her womb. So, he had filled her 2 times in those 35 minutes. Believe me, fucking her with his cum inside was probably the best experience I have ever felt. She was warm and lubricated inside. I drilled her and mixed my cum inside her.

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