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Night Flight

You asked about what I've done since my husband left (with men). This  

experience was the one and only incident I had  to that point with a  

black man. It happened to me about two weeks after my husband left for Saudi

Arabia.  I sent him the following e-mail: (copy of e-mail)  


"Hon, I was taking an evening flight from LA to Houston. I was assigned a window  

seat which I requested and soon after getting in my seat a very large, at least  

6 and a half foot tall, well dressed black man sat down in the isle seat leaving  

a vacant seat between us.  


He was pleasant and introduced himself as Don and offered his hand to shake. I  

had never seen such a big hand --it completely covered mine and his fingers each  

made three of mine. He said he was a professional athlete on his way to the east  

coast. Basketball I think.  


We both had a glass of wine after take off and I was looking forward to a few  

hours of sleep since I  had been in meetings all day and was very tired. So I had  

a second glass thinking it would help me to doze off.  


I asked him if he mind that I use the center seat as well as mine and he had no  

problem with that so I raised the arm rest between my seat and the center seat  

---and when the cabin lights were turned down I placed my pillow against the  

window  and curled up on the two seats with my bottom facing  

him, my back to the seat backs and then covered myself with a blanket.  


He had pulled his table out covering his lap and was reading a book. I soon  

fell asleep but was woken when I felt the arm rest between his seat and the  

center seat rub against my bottom--I didn't think anything about it and just  

acted as I was asleep not wanting to carry on a conversation. This was maybe  

two hours into the flight.  


I was sure my short skirt had ridden up but knew the blanket was covering my  

bottom so I just  tried to go back to sleep. But then I felt what appeared to be  

the back side of his hand rub lightly against my bottom--I didn't move or say  

anything--I didn't want to cause a scene. A few minutes later I felt the top of  

his hand again only pressing harder against me--I moved my bottom away thinking  

he would think I was waking up and stop and stayed in the same position with my  

eyes closed.  


After five minutes I again felt his hand but this time it barely touched and  

stayed there--slowly he increased pressure on my bottom and I could feel the  

heat from his hand and I must admit the situation was starting to excite me---I  

just kept my eyes closed and didn't move. The next thing he did was move his  

hand to the top of the back side of my legs and pull it back raising my skirt  

under the blanket and resting his hand on my pantie covered pussy. When he did  

this I turned my butt first one way then the other  which startled him but also  

moved my skirt completely above my ass.  


I was getting wet and started thinking about those big fingers--he soon had a  

hand back under the blanket again and started rubbing my pussy over my panties  

again and I just automatically pressed back into him. I had French panties  

which fit very loosely around the legs with lace trim and he started to open  

them around my pussy--then I felt them being pulled aside and a finger run under  

separating my wet lips. He slowly inserted a finger in my pussy and I couldn't  

help rotating my bottom slowly.  


I'm sure he then knew I was awake and enjoying so when he pulled down on my  

panties I raised my butt a little letting him lower them around my thighs. Then  

he inserted a finger again, then two and it felt like a big penis rubbing my G  

spot--his thumb then found my clit. I started to move my pussy in circles while  

fucking his   fingers--faster and faster and then while biting the pillow I  

exploded in a very strong orgasm that lasted at least 30 seconds--my pussy  

milking his fingers. Unfortunately I squirted and I could feel my juices run  

down my pussy and ass onto the seat. As I was coming down the cabin lights came  

on and the pilot reported that we were starting our descent into Houston.  


I put myself back together under the blanket and sat back in my seat---we  

didn't say a word to each other but I noticed he was sitting with his hand under  

his nose with a smile on his face. As I started to leave he asked "how did I  

sleep" I said "I had a wonderful dream". I looked down at the center seat and  

said "it looks like someone spilled a drink"--smiled and exited the airplane. I  

guess he was continuing on the same plane because he stayed on.  


Just a fun recent adventure I thought you might enjoy---see how bad I am--LOL  



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